Stradbally Folklore: The Schools' Collection


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Find out more about the local folklore of Stradbally...

In the 1930s, the Irish Folklore Commission enlisted school children to collect orally transmitted local stories from their relatives and neighbours. The results of this project became The Schools Collection, and 70 stories were collected in Stradbaly. The tales themselves have been published online by Dúchas, and are available at

A list of the stories, and the people who told and collected them, can be found here: 

Patrick Lynch of Durrow told her young relative Nelly Lynch:

  • Réidh na dTeampán
  • Bearna an Mhadraidh
  • Crotty the Robber
  • Seanráite
  • Scéalta Spride - Áth na glean
  • Tobar Bride
  • An Old Poem
  • Scéal

Thomas O’Flynn of Stradbally More told an unknown collector:

  • Tobar Cill Aodh
  • Tobar Cill Aodh - Boy's Sight Restored
  • Tobar Cill Aodh - Attempted Pollution of Well
  • The recognised prayer said by those seeking a cure at Tobar Cill Aodh
  • Tobar Cill Aodh - An Old Ballad
  • Tobar na mBráthar
  • St Anne's Well
  • Old Crafts

Mrs Christopher, over 80 years old, of Ballyvooney told an unknown collector:

  • The Holy Well of Ballydowane
  • Cooper
  • Blacksmiths
  • Candle-making
  • Local fair
  • Cliffs in Stradbally district
  • An old tale

Patrick Corbett told his daughter Maureen Corbett:

  • Hidden Treasure
  • Religious Story
  • An Old Story
  • Old Lime Kilns

Mr. Stephens of Stradbally told Maureen Corbett (relation unknown):

  • An Old Tale
  • Food in Olden Times
  • Bread
  • Landlords

Michael Morrissey of Stradbally told Maureen Corbett (relation unknown):

  • The story of an old Lios

Edmond Walsh of Stradbally More told his daughter Mary Walsh

  • An Old Tale
  • Local story

Mrs Moore of Stradbally told Mary Walsh

  • Local Ghost Story
  • Kate Walsh told her relative Mary Walsh
  • A Fairy Fort

Mrs. Mary Corbett of Stradbally More told her granddaughter Mary Dunford:

  • An Gobán Saor
  • An Old Story
  • Religious Story

Patrick Frawley of Stradbally told his daughter Philomela Frawley:

  • Travelling Folk

Mrs Matt Cummins of Carrigmoorna, told her granddaughter Mary Crowley:

  • The Famine - Introduction

Mr James Kiely of Ballingowan told his daughter Margaret:

  • An Old Story

Margaret Kiely of Ballingowan told her daughter Margaret:

  • Barnakill Castle
  • Piseóga

Mrs Keohan of Stradbally Cove told Joseph Keane (not a relative):

  • The Old Cove Road
  • She also gave him two poems written by David A. Keohan, Stradbally Cove and File-Na-Thaida poem

Mrs Morrissey told Joseph Keane (not a relative):

  • Fishing Industry in Stradbally
  • Hospital Ruin (near Ballyvooney)


Parish(es) Stradbally (Waterford)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture