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The website is very handy for pinpointing where exactly the townland of your ancestors is located. 

For a map of civil parish locations, see:

For a map of townland locations,within the parish, see:

The Catholic Parish of "Croghan" (Diocese of Elphin) today, is an amalgamation of two smaller parishes "Killukin" and "Killummod", aka "Killukin-Killummod". 

It is patricularly helpful in identifying whether a townland sits on the boarder of another parish (meaning you should not ignore a search there also). WIth this at hand, you can make a lot more sense of the Catholic Parish Registers, which began in 1811 here. 

Unfortunatley the Catholic Parish registers did not record the townland address of couples EXCEPT for a small window during the periods from May 1815 up to Sep 1816 (BAPTISMS only) and from Jan 1829 until June 1833  (MARRIAGES only - but good for cross referencing against Tithe Applotment Records).

For free online access:


imaged online:

For payable online access (great if you want to search for an ancestor's name as a godparent, to identify other relatives):          




Address Croghan, Boyle, Co. Roscomon
Parish(es) Killummod (Roscommon) Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) Estersnow (Roscommon) Tumna (Roscommon) Kilcolagh (Roscommon) Creeve (Roscommon) Boyle (Roscommon) Carrick on Shannon (Leitrim)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture