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Tulla has 71 townlands in the parish. Two of these townlands have other names associated with them. These are noted in parentheses.

Townlands in the parish are:
Affick, Annagh, Ardbooley Lower, Ardbooley Upper, Ballyblood, Baloughtra, Baloughtra (O'Callaghan), Ballyslattery (Newgrove), Bunavory, Cloughaun, Cloonaleary, Cloondanagh, Cloondorney Beg, Cloondorney More, Clonteen, Commons, Cragg, Craggaunkeal, Cragroe, Cutteen More, Cutteen Beg, Derrykeadgran, Derrymore East, Derrymore West, Derryulk Lower, Derryulk Middle, Derryulk Upper, Doonane, Drumcharley, Drummaghmartin, Drumullan, Eyre Hill, Fomerla, Fortane More Fortane Beg Furhee, Garruragh, Glendree, Gurteenaneelig, Gurteennaggupoge, Kilboggon, Kilduff Lower, Kilduff Middle, Kilduff Upper, Kilmore, Kiltannon, Knockadoon, Kockadoocunna, Knockdrumleague, Laharden, Lecarrow North, Lecarrow South, Liscullane, Lisduff, Lismeehan (Maryfort), Lissofine, Loughaun North, Loughaun South, Maryfort (Lismeehan), Miltown, Moymore, Newgrove (Ballyslattery), Poulaforia, Rannagh, Rine, Roslara, Tome, Tulla, Tulla Town, Tyredagh Lower, Tyredagh Upper, Uggoon Lower, Uggoon Upper.
Note: spelling variations exist.

Parish(es) Tulla (Clare)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture