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This book presents a comprehensive study of the wildflowers which are to be found in Annaghdown parish. Habitats examined in the study include the Lough Corrib shoreline and lake islands, lowland grassland, arable land, raised and cut-away bog, hedgerows and drainage ditches, turloughs, riversides, woodland, scrubland, and commonage. Plants found in the wetter areas include ragged robin, lady’s smock and marsh bedstraw, while birdsfoot trefoil and common vetch can be found on the lake-edge with marsh cinquefoil nearby. Plants that grow on the lower grasslands include meadowsweet and silverweed. Raised bog species include asphodel and bog cotton, while along wet ditches one observes yellow flag iris and marsh marigold. Within copses and woodlands, plants that thrive include violets, primroses and wood anemones.

The book consists of a full listing of wildflowers to be found in the various townlands in Annaghdown, giving their English, Latin and local Irish names, together with a colour photograph, description of the plant, and an outline of any uses or cures associated with it. The book is not only of interest to botanists, schoolchildren and teachers, but to all of those with an interest in the heritage of Annaghdown and, more generally, in the diverse range of flora to be found in the west of Ireland.

Parish(es) Annaghdown (Galway)
Category (ies) Media: Book Heritage/Culture