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Looking for any information related to Rodger Bamber. He is listed as the groom's father on the marriage certificate of his son David born in 1821 in Culleybackey and baptised at Cuningham Presbyterian Church. On the baptismal roles of the church I also found a daughter Jannit born in 1819. The parents of Jannit and David are Rodger and Nancy Mark? I have not found any birth, marriage or death records for either Rodger or Nancy and only those two children. Griffith's valuation appears to indicate Rodger was dead by 1850. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Wednesday 26th Oct 2022, 08:18PM

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  • Colleen,

    David’s marriage certificate says his father was a farmer. Most farmers should be in the tithe applotment records.  I searched them and the only Roger Bam(b)er in Ulster was in Doneygarron (modern Dunnygarran) in 1825, so that may be your man:

    That’s just on the edge of Cullybackey. There’s no Bamber farm there in Griffiths Valuation (1862) so that suggests either that Roger was dead or had moved away.

    There’s a gravestone in Cullybackey Covenanter graveyard with simply: “Bamber” on it. Could be your family.

    Death registration didn’t start in Ireland till 1864, and Presbyterians generally didn’t keep burial records, so if Roger was Presbyterian and died before 1864 (as seems likely) there may be no record of that.  If he was Church of Ireland then they do keep burial records. Unfortunately Ahoghill Church of Ireland has burial records from 1821 onwards. Copy in PRONI. Might be worth checking them.

    I searched the Newspaper archives for Bamber and Dunnygarran. No mentions found. Bamber + Cullybackey found an inquest into the death of Samuel Bamber, formerly of Cullybackey. Belfast Weekly News 26.1.1878 reported his death and the inquest. He had been living rough and was suffering from general debility. Taken to the workhouse hospital where he died. Bachelor who occasionally did some labouring work. Inquest witness Nathaniel Kennedy of Cardonagh, described him as as “of weak intellect.” Aged 55. Informant on the death certificate was the coroner.

    Cunningham Memorial’s baptism and marriage records start in 1726 (which is when the church opened). There are baptism records for 1726 – 1815 and marriages 1727 – 1792 but there are lost of gaps. The records are in the Presbyterian  Historical Society in Belfast. If you e-mail them they will normally do a look up for you.

    No other church in the area has records for the 1700s so if they aren’t in the Cunningham records, you are unlikely to find any record at all.

    The 1740 Protestant Householders list mentions a John Bamer in the parish. Likewise the 1766 religious census listed a William Bamer (who was Church of Ireland). Possible ancestors of Rodger?

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 26th Oct 2022, 09:28PM
  • Thank you so much. This gives me so much to look into!



    Thursday 27th Oct 2022, 10:36AM

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