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My 6th great grandparents were James Dempsey and Margaret Weir.

Another cousin of mine had someone local in Ireland obtain the baptism record of 6 of their children from "old Methodist Church." This is shared on Ancestry, is a photocopied document and not a great one. I've asked someone who knows the local guy if he recalls exactly which church it came from but have yet to hear back. I attached the document here. 

All of the children were baptized in July 1835.

Their names and DOB, from the record:

?unreadable? 1 Feb 1822 (maybe Joshua?)

Robert 25 Dec 1823 (my ancestor)

Samuel 22 Apr 1827

Hugh 1 Sep 1829

Alexander 17 Jun 1833

Ann Boyd 8 Jul 1835

Their residence is listed, but also unreadable. I found a James Dempsey (together with a Hugh Dempsey) on the Tithe Applotment Books in Tullaghgarley townland.

There is likely another son called James. 

My Robert came to the US and was eventually married by a Catholic priest. His (likely) brother James was married in a Presbyterian church in Ireland. His descendents still live in Ireland. I have DNA connections to descendents of a John Dempsey with birth about 1821 or 1822, so could be that first child. They live in Australia. I don't know what became of the other kids. 

Mostly just posting this in case anyone else is looking for this family. 



Thursday 12th Jan 2023, 10:40PM

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    Trying to attach the record, not sure if it works. 


    Thursday 12th Jan 2023, 10:43PM
  • Mary, Are you on Ancestry? It would be nice to communicate with you. I know about this document and quite a lot about Robert Dempsey once he got to America. He was my husband's gg-grandfather. We know that person in N. Ireland how obtained this baptismal record and he sent a copy to my husband. 


    Sunday 20th Aug 2023, 05:43PM

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