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Hi! I hope that you can help with my family history enquiry.

My Australian grandmother used to write to Hannah Horner (nee McClean, father Stafford, mother Christina - from Ballyclare). In 1910, at the Presbyterian Church in Ballylinney, Hannah married George Horner (also from Ballyclare).  The 1911 census states they lived in Ballyeaston Road - Hannah 28, George 26.

When Grandma died we moved home, and moved again several times. So we lost contact with our Ulster relatives. My 90 year Mum has often wondered what happened to them. I have started doing our family history and would like to research the Horner family.

We have a photo of an older Hannah and George with two wee children (something survived all our moves!) We are curious, what happened to George and Hannah, their children and beyond?

Thank you for considering my request. Please help if you can.

Warm regards,




Tuesday 17th March 2015, 07:08AM

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  • The birth records on the GRONI site for births of less than 100 years are not on-line. So the only child I can identify to this couple was Doris born 7.10.1913, registered in Antrim town. For births after that you would need to contact GRONI and get them to search.

    I came across this probate abstract which may be Hannah. The full will is in PRONI and might be worth getting a sit should reveal additional members of the family:

    Horner, Hannah of Bonita Rashee Road Ballyclare county Antrim widow died 18 February 1962 Probate Belfast 19 April to Margaret Elizabeth Mitchell married woman. Effects ?2747 0s. 2d.

    The above lady was 79 when she died so that fits well with Hannah?s age in 1911

    A George Horner died on 7th Match 1941 aged 27. Registered in Antrim. Possibly their son?

    Couldn?t see George Horner senior?s death. Possibly he died away from the Ballyclare area.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Tuesday 17th March 2015, 05:53PM
  • Ahoghill Antrim,

    Thank you! You have been a fount of knowledge! The details you provide above seem to fit our Hannah. Very interesting and a tad exciting!

    The 1925, or is it 1926, census should help when it is released. There was some information I read on the internet about an early release. We can only hope!

    Thank you for your terrific help,


    Wednesday 18th March 2015, 01:31PM
  • Anita,

    Sadly the portion of the 1926 census for Northern Ireland was destroyed in the second world war (German bombing of Belfast). Only the portion for the Republic of Ireland still survives. Its publication was announced but appears to have been stymied by a 100 year closure Act. Not sure when it will be released.

    Your best bet will be the 1939 registers which PRONI will release (with restrictions) in a couple of months time. This was a mini census, compiled for conscription and ration card purposes at the beginning of the 2nd world war. (Sept 1939). It contains some of the usual census information and may help you.  One of the criteria for access is either that the person you are enquiring about is proven to be dead or appears to be over 100 years old. But subject to that, you may find the records helpful. They will be free to access.



    Ahoghill Antrim

    Wednesday 18th March 2015, 05:09PM