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I posted a message on the main board but I thought I would follow up with a post here as the orginal person who answered my post found documents in this parish.  So, my grandfather , Daniel Joseph Toal, was born in 1899 to James Toal and Cathleen (sometimes listed as Cathrine) in 1899.  I have his birth record.  His father, James Toal born 1869, in Ireland, died here in Queens N.Y, USA in 1940.   His mother, Cathleen (Cathrine) born 1873 in Ireland, died in Queens NY, USA (told by my mom and confirmed with american death records)  James Toal and Cathleen Walsh married in 1892, I have that record but find it hard to read, lol.   Writing on document, married in catholic church of St Mary Duuea, District of Loome, Union of Ballyman, County of Antrim. think Tueday April 5, 1892  Im not sure I got all those districs, county, church or Union correct.  Please correct my names.   I was hoping someone could lead me to birth and death records, a family tree, passage from Ireland to Scotland, etc.  As I know James and Cathrine, with David, Rose, Daniel (my grandfather), and Francis went to Scotland before American.  That information comes from a 1901 Scotland document.  One confusing thing I have come across is that Owen Toal, age 7 was lised as living with the Walsh family in a 1901 document, but not listed on the Scotland document by James.  David the 7 yr old listed on the 1901 Scotland document is not a name my mom remembers.  My mom remembers a child going to live with the Walsh family and then coming back to the Toal family as a young adult.  I know Owen (my grandfather Daniels brother) existed because my mom met him once in NY in the 1950's .  So, I know th e Ireland documents are right because address, marrige and Toal/Walsh names match, but I also know the Scotland document is correct because it has the correct siblings listed except I don't know who Daniel is.  I'd like to find out if Scotland just got David name wrong, if it was a middle name or if they actully had twins first and left one with the inlaws.  Hope that all makes sence.    The documents from Ireland I am referring to are on my original message on the main message board as I dont yet know how to put them in here.  My original post is under Toal and Walsh on the main page.  Thanks in advance of any additional info!!


Thursday 2nd Mar 2017, 07:35PM

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  • Maureen:

    All messages posted in the various parish message boards end up on the main message board.

    The 1892 marriage record you mentioned has the following information: The marriage occured in St. Mary's chapel in Duneane Co. Antrim, Registrar's District of Toome in the Union of Ballymena (also the registration district of Ballymena).

    There are various resources (some free, some subscription) to use to search further back for your ancestors.  (free) Roots Ireland (subscription) (free) Find My Past (subscription) 

    For volunteers: see link below for prior message and responses.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 2nd Mar 2017, 08:07PM
  • Oh, Sorry about that.....I didn't realize.  


    Friday 3rd Mar 2017, 03:25AM

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