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Rose Steele was born about 1851, the daughter of John Steele.  She married Angus (Aneas) McNeill on 17 April 1875 in Coleraine, Derry.  They had children Peggy (1876), James (1878), Angus (1879), Alex (ca 1883), and Lizzie (1885).  All dates from civil registation records.

Angus and Rose (Steele) McNeill were enumerated in the 1901 census in Lisnagunogue Lower (Dunseverick, Antrim).  Alex and Lizzie were still living at home.  The family belonged to the Presbyterian church.

By 1911, Rose is enumerated alone in her household in Lisnagunogue Lower.  (Angus died in 1910).

Rose died in 1924.  Administration of her estate was granted to her son, James McNeill, carpenter.

Peggy and Lizzie McNeill emigrated to the United States.  I don't know what happened to the sons.

I'm looking for more information on the parents/family of Angus and Rose.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


Saturday 9th Nov 2013, 04:31AM

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  • If you order a copy of the 1875 marriage you should get Angus father?s name, together possibly with information that will enable you to search back further. For example it should list Rose?s townland.

    The 1826 tithe applotment records list a Charles, David & Elizabeth McNeill all having houses on Lisnagunogue. The 1803 Agricultural census just lists William McNeill. These seem likely to be Angus?s ancestors.

    Griffiths Valuation for 1861 lists Aeneas?s farm (plot 17) a house, outbuildings and just over 18 acres. Plot 17 is the same farm as is listed in the 1901 census. Immediately beside him on plot 16 (and likely to be a relative) was James McNeill with a farmhouse, outbuildings and just over 21 acres. The tenant changed to Margaret McNeill in 1886, and later to a John McAllister. The farmhouse was noted as being in ruins in 1901, according to the revaluation records. Plots 16 & 17 are up alane off the moderns Whitepark Rd.

    James and Aeneas also had a share of 150 acres of nearby mountain land, with 11 other local farmers (plot 19).

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Sunday 10th Nov 2013, 02:03PM
  • Thank you for your reply.  It was very helpful, especially with an idea of the topography.  I have not yet had a chance to visit Antrim--though I am very much looking forward to doing so.  The geography is a little hard to envision, even with google maps.

    I do have a copy of Angus and Rose's 1875 marriage record that I ordered from PRONI.  Taking another look, I see that Angus McNeill is the son of Angus McNeill.  The groom's residence was Clogher North.  The two witnesses were also McNeills, Alexander and Elizabeth, who both made marks to sign.

    The father, Angus McNeill of Lisnagunogue died shortly before his son's marriage in March 1875, aged 75. So he would have been born around 1800.

    Rose Steel was the daughter of John Steel.  Her residence at the time of her marriage was Carnanreagh. I have found very little about John Steel.

    One of my projects for a trip to Ireland is to check the Presbyterian Church records at PRONI and the Presbyterian Historical Society.  Can you give me an idea of which congregation(s) are close to Lisnagunogue?

    Thanks again for your help.


    Sunday 10th Nov 2013, 09:02PM
  • Carnanreagh is just outside Bushmills, to the  east, so not too far from Lisnagunogue. There?s no Steele family listed in Griffiths in 1859, so if the family were still there, that suggests they were weavers/agricultural labourers, and in a cabin too small to be listed. Clogher North is just at the north end of Bushmills. Again no McNeills listed in 1859. Check the revaluation records on the link I gave previously to see if they are listed c 1875.

    The 3 Presbyterian churches in the area are at Bushmills, Toberdoney and Mosside, and there is also a Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bushmills. Tradition was to marry in the bride?s church, so I?d look for her baptism and her family in the church on the 1875 marriage cert.

    Presbyterians in Ireland don?t use the parish system and so which church you attend is a matter of personal preference, and not always the nearest to where you live.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Monday 11th Nov 2013, 08:14AM
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