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I have previously inquired about a Susanna who was born Poe around 1840 in Carnmoney.  I don't know what religion she was, but I assume Catholic since she and her husband married in the church in Whitehouse (where they were living ) in 1866.  I know she had a sister Mary, and their mother died so they were raised by their grandparents MaGill.  on Susan's marriage certificate ( I received from the government) he is listed as Andrew MaGill, Whitehouse, Printer deceased.  I did go to the new RC records, but I don't see any baptismal records around those dates.  1.) were there any other records of deaths or births I can search?  2.) any Poe living in area (or similar) ?  

thank you so much, you have already been a big help in my research! 



Thursday 3rd December 2015, 02:25PM

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  • Adrienne,

    Carnmoney is mostly in the RC parish of Greencastle. Unfortunately their baptism don’t start till 1854 so you won’t find any record there if Susanna was born there in 1840 and was RC. You say you assume she was RC. I looked at the 1901 census of Ireland. There are only 25 people named POE in it. Only 3 were RC and the rest were nearly all Church of Ireland. Carnmoney Church of Ireland records start in 1788, so they might be worth checking.

    Statutory death registration only started in Ireland in 1864. Prior to that there were very few death records. Only the Church of Ireland routinely kept any. So can be difficult tracing deaths prior to 1864.

    I had a look in the street directories (on the PRONI site) but cannot see an Andrew Magill printer listed 1819 – 1866. There’s some Poes though.

    There are no Poes or Magills in Carnmoney cemetery. However there are some McGills (a common alternative spelling of Magill).


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 3rd December 2015, 03:10PM