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Looking for information on my paternal grandfather's family, TOLAN, of Tievachorky, Inver Parish, Donegal


Thank you

Stella Brennan

Monday 4th Jun 2012, 09:10PM

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  • Stella

    Welcome to the Inver parish of Ireland Reaching Out you can follow us on facebook

    Have you tried the census on line the following links will take you to the 1901 and 1911 pages for Tolans in the townland of Tievachoky there seems to be only one family by that name in the townland

    The following is an extract from The Donegal Awakening Donegal and the war of independence

    The houses of Hugh Boyle, Castlegrey, James Cassidy, Drimfin and Denis Tolan, Keelogs, Inver were raided on the same day but nothing was found.127 Similar raids were carried out in the west of the county; John O'Gorman had been ...

    The Griffith Valuation has a Hugh Tolan on just over 58 acres of land and house which he was paying £5/15s to the Marquis of Conyngham

    Hope this is of help I would need more details as there is not much to go on

    Best wishes


    Asdee West

    Tuesday 5th Jun 2012, 10:51AM
  • Hello James

    Thank you folr your interest.  Hugh Tolan (Griffith Valuation) was my g grandfather.  He was married to Bridget (Biddy) Boyle.  My grandfather, George Tolan, was their son.  He was born around 1875.  He was one of at least four brothers and a sister that I have note of - Owen, who lived in Tievachorky (1901 & 1911 census), Pat & Hugh who emigrated to USA (US census) and Anne who also emigrated to USA and whose family we visited and were in touch with but have lost touch.  I can find no trace of George (very rare name in Ireland) except on Scottish Cencus.

    The story is that Pat & Hugh (I think) travelled via Glasgow with George on their journey to USA.  George took ill & remained in Glasgow & married my grandmother.  We are the only branch of the family in Glasgow.

    I have been on many websites and have difficulty tracing any of the Tolan family and I wonder if you could advise me how to go about finding baptismal, marriage & death records,what parish would they belong to (? St Mary's Frosses), which  school would they attend, graveyard, who lived in Tievachorky after Owen, etc.  I can find no trace of GEORGE

    I am visiting Donegal in July and hope to do some kind of search but am unsure of where to go for the Inver area..  Your advice would be appreciated.

    Hope I haven't bored you!!!

    I see "Inver" on your picture - are you from that area?


    ps    Will order "Donegal Awakening" from Amazon - looks fascinating!





    Stella Brennan

    Tuesday 5th Jun 2012, 10:21PM
  • Hi Stella,

    There are Roman Catholic church records available for the diocese of Inver (Raphoe). These date from 1861 for bioth baptismal and marriage records. You can find these at the National Library of Ireland (NLI), Pos. 4599, or the Public Records of Northern Ireland (PRONI), MIC.1D/86, or the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS), film 0926210. If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for more assistance.

    Civil registration records are available from the General Register Office (GRO). These start from 1864 however. You can access the website here:

    You can pay for records at:

    You might find this link about the Tolans in 19th century Ireland interesting. It also shows any variant of the spelling of the name.

    Here is a link for the Raphoe diocese and Frosses:

    And here is a link to transcripts from headstones from the same place:

    Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Genealogist (Ireland XO)



    Thursday 14th Jun 2012, 03:34PM
  • Some of the information I could gather on the Tolan these are from various sources and in no particular order


    From the Boston Pilot of 24 January 1874Missing Friends

    Of MISS JULIA TOLAN, who left Bolton, Lancashire, England, in company with her father, Neil Tolan, and landed in New York three years ago last August; when last heard from was employed in a millinery establishment, No. 41 Mercer street, New York. Any person knowing her whereabouts will confer a great favor on her father, mother, and brothers. Address Neil Tolan, No. 77 Johnson street, Chicago, Illinois.


     Finna Fail Comhairle Ceanntar

     1936 There was large attendance at the annual meeting of Ardaghey Cumann held on Friday night, when the following officers were elected:- Mr. B. Tolan, chairman, Mr. P. McHugh, secretary, Mr. T Friel and Mr. D. Gallagher, joint treasurers, Mr. H. Griffin, vice-president. Delegates to Comhairle Ceanntair meeting – Mr. M. Mc Daid and Mr. D. Toland.





    From Ellis Island Records








    Address in USA

    NoK Address





    27th Aug 1921

    Housekeeper/ Maid

    Brother James Tolan 244 Sheldon St Olney Philadelphia

    Owen Tolan Tievachorky





    27th Sept 1923


    Friend Jos. McDonald 71 Huron Greenpoint B’lyn N.Y

    Brother Anthony 7, Ardgown St. Pt. Glasgow





    16th Oct 1900


    Son of Hugh in Boston






    16th Oct 1900


    Son of Hugh in Boston






    16th Oct 1900


    Son of Hugh in Boston






    16th Oct 1900


    Son of Hugh in Boston






    19th Sept 1914


    Aunt Annie Walsh

    Father Owen Tolan





    14th Oct 1906


    Brother Michael Boston











    Asdee West

    Saturday 16th Jun 2012, 12:14PM
  • Hello James

    Sorry for the delay in replying to you.  My computer has been playing up & I couldn't get logged on to

    this website.  Thank you for the great information.  

    The Boston Pilog search for Julia Tolan is fascinating but I am unsure if she is the same family -

    I would have to piece together my grandfather's siblings (I presume those mentioned in Griffith's


    I can't find the Fianna Fail "B Tolan" but will keep looking.

    The Ellis Island Records, again very interesting, show James & Annie (Owen's children) from

    Tievachorky, they are Hugh's grandchildren, my father's cousins (Owen was my grandfather's


    I will work on all of these leads.  

    I am visiting Donegal next week and wonder if you know if Donegal Library or anywhere else

    holds any info.

    Thanks again


    (hope I'm sending this message correctly)


    Stella Brennan

    Friday 29th Jun 2012, 09:56PM
  • Here is a link to Letterkenny Library

    it has an extensive collection of books, journals and other material on genealogy and family history. Some items of interest may be on microfilm, therefore contact the Library to make a booking if necessary.

    Give me a shout when you are in Donegal


    Asdee West

    Sunday 1st Jul 2012, 04:24PM
  • Thank you James - I'll contact Letterkenny Library tomorrow .  

    Will be in the Tara Hotel, Killybeg,s on Wednesday evening - You're welcome to drop in for a drink if you are near





    Stella Brennan

    Monday 2nd Jul 2012, 08:24PM
  • Dear James

    Thank you so much for contacting the Tara Hotel.  Unfortunately my phone would not let me get outgoing calls of any kind and I hope you don't think that I ignored you!!  it would have been nice to speak to you.

    I did find Tievachorky and spoke to the Doherty family - but would like any more info you may have.  I hope to go back soon and I will keep in touch with the Dohertys.  

    Please accept my apologies.

    Thank you for your interest














    Stella Brennan

    Sunday 8th Jul 2012, 08:27PM
  • rm1978

    Friday 21st Jun 2013, 02:31PM

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