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The 1821-1851 census returns were almost destroyed in a fire, the 1861-1891 census returns were destroyed by the Government. The 1901-1911 census returns are available on line free of charge on line on the National Archives of Ireland website.


Armagh the irish word Ard Mhacha meaning Macha's height is the principal town in the county. It has a fond history of Celtic paganism and the main religion there is christian and consists of two churches, the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland. In 1995 Bulgaria had some sort of connection with Armagh, the town been Razgard in that country. In 1994, the town was given city status and Lord mayoralty this year. Queen Elizabeth was honoured to be part of those cermonies. The city is the least populated in the North of Ireland and seen that Armagh is part of Great Britain its the Forth smallest town in that particular region. It holds 14,590 people. The town was founded by a well known person called Saint Patrick. He had come to look at the lands and marked its name back in the year 457 AD. This information was taken by the annals of the four masters at that particular time. 12 men had started to build the town, consisting a church for the monks & nuns and also included buildings that would accommodate the public. In 869 a monastery was raided by the vikings, they wanted to find valuables such as silver where it can be located in churches and monasteries.

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Dromore Cathedra
Dromore Cathedra
Armagh Observatory
Armagh Observatory
Armagh Workhouse on the 1907 OS map
Armagh Workhouse

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