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John Kane, Richhill, Armagh 1832-June 14, 1900 died at Lisburn - Seeking name of wife

29-Dec-19 22:17
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 3 Thank you so much for the
by Alice Marnell Galcik 30-Dec-19 15:40

James O’Connor (Conner, Connor) b. Circa 1814 Armagh

28-Dec-19 0:10
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 6 The William recorded in 1855 had
by PeterGB 8-Jan-20 6:34

Searching for Alexander family roots

11-Nov-19 3:13
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 2 Hi MIriam!  Wow!  You
by longlost 17-Nov-19 3:34

The Dowie Family from Armagh

28-Oct-19 21:55
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 3 Thank You Elwyn,
by Bill Smyth 29-Oct-19 10:36

Searching for family of William Alexander.

6-Oct-19 18:47
Armagh 2 William & Ellen were married in
by Elwyn 6-Oct-19 20:10


3-Oct-19 11:02
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 4 The Muster Rolls are not on-line.
by Elwyn 4-Oct-19 22:42

George Hazelton and Isabelle "Bella" Kane/Kean circa 1820.

23-Sep-19 20:44
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 3 Thank you!  
by Mary Beth 24-Sep-19 19:32

Looking for info on Frances "Fanny" McMurray

19-Sep-19 20:15
Drumcree (Armagh), Armagh 2 Colleen,
by Elwyn 22-Sep-19 19:31

John McClelland of Armagh

10-Sep-19 18:58
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Shankill (Armagh) 2 Garymac,
by Elwyn 11-Sep-19 5:35

Hugh Alexander 1724-1777, son of John Alexander & Margaret Glasson of Lanarkshire, Scotland

9-Sep-19 21:29
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 2 It is quite possible that your
by Elwyn 11-Sep-19 5:46

Jackson family in Tartaraghan?

9-Sep-19 0:32
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Tartaraghan (Armagh) 6 Anne Jackson b1856 d1927 m.francis
by Hadley 1-Dec-19 5:31

Reynolds/Murphy (maternal) and Duffy/Cummings(paternal)

30-Aug-19 13:54
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Mayo 2  
by Dave 31-Aug-19 17:08

William Black & Eliza Jane Clark. Armagh to Australia

18-Aug-19 7:19
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 4 If William & Eliza married
by Elwyn 19-Aug-19 9:57

Charles Mone and Anne Hughes/Mone

27-Jul-19 17:09
Keady (Armagh), Armagh 11 Elwyn,
by Pat Mone 2-Aug-19 10:16


26-Jun-19 20:22
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 3  
by drdan8 4-Jan-20 1:12