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I was born in Belfast but moved to NZ 50 years ago and have been searching for my NI ancestors for about 15 years.  Family name is Follas (or Follis or Fallice), and they appear to have come from the general Lurgan area.  Joshua Fallice (b.c.1803, died c.1866) m. Anne Jane Dawson 1839 at Magheralin (IGI records).  Possible childrn were William, Moses, John, Isabella and Ellen.  JOHN b.1847 is probably my g-grandfather who married Annie Turkington in 1874.  They had 8 children (4 boys, 4 girls).  Basically, I would love to know anything about the Follas family from the Lurgan/Donaghcloney/Magheralin/Annaghanoon area.  They were weavers and in John's case a bobbin maker.  They moved to Belfast in the late 1800s, although they owned property at Maherna at one time.  I have the data from PRONI where I spent 2 days doing research a couple of years ago. I got the data on the Follas/Turkington famly from Ulster Historical Foundation who did the initial work for me - a bit more difficult from NZ;  even with the aid of the wonderful www.  it is quite hard to check the parish records and prove connections further back than, say, 1854, especially when so many christian names carry through one family.  So, any halp you can give me would be much appreciated.





Sunday 20th October 2013, 05:30AM

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