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Good afternoon Listers,

I have ony joined the site today.

My ancestor was James McGiveron (Magiverin) who came from Drumnabreeze, Magheralin Parish.

Somehow he got himself over to Scotland and got into some strife and was convicted in Court in Edinburgh and ended up being traported to Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean and then was sent to Tasmania, Australia and that is where he married and produced 13 children.    I descend from one of them.   My grandfather was one of his last children and of course I remember him.   It is unusual in Tasmania to be the Great Grandchild of a convict.

Is there anyone in the area of anywhere in Ireland who research this family.    I understand there are also some McGiveron's in the south but I don't know of any connection.


Cheers    Robin Walker (Mrs), Tasmania, Australia


Monday 1st April 2013, 03:01AM

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