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I am trying to find my family history on my Dad's side. I have learned that my nanna 'Patricia Lovett's' mother was from Armagh.

Her name was Mary Millicent Lovett. All I know is that Mary's father may have been a Sergeant in the Army. I unfortunately have no name for him. From looking at, My Great Grandmas Mother's Maiden name is possibly Tolfree and her first name Ann. Although I am not 100% of this.

My Nanna was born in Little Torrington, Devon in 1925.

Mary was born in County Armagh 1901, she passed away in 1976 in Gloucester, England.

Can anyone help me? I would love to know if I have any more family that are still in the area.

Thank you.


Tuesday 14th July 2015, 11:42AM

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  • Hi Jessica,

    Not sure how much I can help but I will do all I can.

    I live in South Molton so not far from 'nanna's' birthplace, though I have been researching mine and other Irish descendant's families for a number of years.

    Am I correct in thinking Mary Millicent's mother was Ann Tolfree?

    Can you confirm your Dad's name, include surname if it is not Sharp.

    As soon as I have this I will start hunting.

    Kind regards




    Tuesday 14th July 2015, 03:15PM
  • Jessica:

    Welcome to ireland Reaching Out!

    I located a 1902 civil birth index record for a Mary Millicent Lovett. See below.Also, I located a 1901 census reocrd in Omagh town which may be your family.

    The father was John and he was actually living in the barrack.

    Let me know.

    Roger McDonnell

    First name(s)Mary MillicentLast nameLovettRegistration year1902Registered quarter/yearOct - Dec 1902Registration districtOmaghVolume2Page226

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 14th July 2015, 04:09PM
  • Hi Michael,

    My father's name was Brendon Sharp, my grandad was Thomas Sharp. I also had an uncle Phillip Sharp and I have an aunt called Stephanie Lovett. (My grandad wasn't Steph's biological father).

    From what I came acroos on it is possible that Mary's mother was Ann Tolfree, although I am not sure about it.

    Although when I spoke to my Aunt, her middle name is Ann and my Nanna was brought up by her Grandma so I thought that might be a connection.



    That's great thank you!

    Interesting that his name is 'John' as my uncle was called 'Phillip John'. It may be a coincidence - but I hope not!


    Wednesday 15th July 2015, 01:12PM