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Family Graham/Hewitt

3-Jan-21 13:14
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Newry (Armagh) 2 Griffiths Valuation for 1864 lists
by Elwyn 3-Jan-21 17:23

Jackson and Robinson connection?

25-Nov-20 23:08
Armagh 14 Hello Elwyn,
by LynnFGM 29-Nov-20 1:26

Robinsons from Armagh to Canada

24-Nov-20 18:16
Armagh 2 I see 4 Robinson households farming
by Elwyn 24-Nov-20 19:38

Callaghan Family Tree

10-Nov-20 7:07
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 6 Hello,  Thank You Elwyn and
by Cally/Fitz 13-Nov-20 7:09

After the WDYTYA Liz Carr show, I wonder where the Ryan family name in Armagh (and Down) originated?

7-Nov-20 14:37
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 7 Hi David A,
by Margot 16-Nov-20 16:10

John Cassidy my great great great grandfather

6-Nov-20 17:35
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 2 You say that John Cassidy died on
by Elwyn 6-Nov-20 18:22

mcmillen /mcmullen or any variants

20-Oct-20 3:14
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 3 Shorty,
by Elwyn 20-Oct-20 6:36


18-Oct-20 16:54
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 10 Yes Derryscollop still exists. The
by Elwyn 23-Dec-20 11:37

William TODD - County Armagh (around 1839)

22-Sep-20 6:04
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 5 Hello
by Marianne 12-Dec-20 7:01

Ann and Sally Matilda Young baptisms (Armagh)

18-Sep-20 0:22
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 5  
by Elwyn 21-Sep-20 7:15

H Allison & Co Photo records

8-Sep-20 13:52
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 7 I am always very sad when it is
by MarkBreedlove 29-Dec-20 11:52

Ferguson / Brooks families

25-Aug-20 21:44
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Lisnadill (Armagh) 3 Elwyn, thank you so much for this
by DFerguson 27-Aug-20 14:41

The Mary Grue Puzzle

25-Aug-20 2:44
Ireland XO Community, Loughgall (Armagh), Armagh 3 Thanks for such a detailed response
by Mark Keenan 25-Aug-20 23:02


23-Aug-20 12:19
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 2 Griffiths Valuation has 7 listings
by Elwyn 23-Aug-20 12:38

Graham, Grimes and Gormley

6-Aug-20 19:47
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Armagh (Armagh) 13 It's just a hobby. (I am retired).
by Elwyn 12-Aug-20 21:09