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Hello!  Family history and very little documentation have my 3rd great grandmother being born in Portadown, marrying, then emigrating to Canada in about 1826.  I would love to have help finding more information about her parents and siblings and even finding her marriage information.  

Here is what I know:

Name:  Deborah Hodgen(s)

Born: 1805 Portadown, Armagh, Northern Ireland

Siblings:  One known:  James Hodgen born May 11, 1820 in Portadown, Armagh, Northern Ireland

Marriage:  date unknown to John Harrison of Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland (he was born 17 Aug 1804

Emigrated to Ontario Canada:  April 1826 with brother James and Jain (wife of James)

Settled in Hungerford, Ontario, Canada


Many, many thanks in advance for any time and effort you put into this.  I deeply appreciate any and all help.


Catherine Adams

C Adams

Wednesday 29th July 2020, 11:18PM

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  • Catherine,

    You haven't said what denomination the family was. However looking at the 1901 Irish census for Co. Armagh all Hodgens were Church of Ireland (ie Anglican) so I'll assume your family were too.

    Portadown is in the parish of Drumcree. There is a church in Drumcree and another in Portadown itself (St Marks). St Mark's only has records from 1826 which I suspect is when it opened. Drumcree has baptisms from 1788, marriages from 1802 & burials from 1804.  I would suggest you search the Drumcree records for Deborah & James baptisms (and that of any siblings). Tradition was to marry in the bride's church so you may also find Deborah's marriage there. Probably just before they left Ireland.

    These church records are not on-line anywhere so far as I am aware. There is a copy in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 30th July 2020, 07:10AM
  • Elwyn, thank you sooooo much!  You have taken me a few steps further along than I was able to go.  I will do as you suggest, and I am thrilled at being able to direct my queries.  Thank you!!!!


    C Adams

    Thursday 30th July 2020, 05:33PM