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10-Feb-18 13:31
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 3 Thank you Elwyn for your info
by CM 15-Feb-18 16:28


8-Feb-18 8:34
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 4 Here are screen shots of the James
by marnieka 10-Feb-18 16:38


8-Feb-18 8:26
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 2 Duplicate message.
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 9-Feb-18 21:46

Thomas Francis Hughes 1839-1920

7-Feb-18 20:03
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 1
by ixouser210838

Help with place name

1-Feb-18 14:50
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 4 kmenagh,
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 3-Feb-18 5:11

Craggen or Cregan - Catherine

29-Jan-18 13:38
Ireland XO Community, Tynan (Armagh), Armagh 3 Thank you for that reply,
by Jonathan Hughes 30-Jan-18 1:02

Michael Toner

28-Jan-18 22:50
Ireland XO Community, Ballymyre (Armagh), Armagh 3 Thank you Elwyn, I have the will
by spartam 30-Jan-18 2:05

Chasing the Whittons

28-Jan-18 22:23
Ireland XO Community, Ballymore (Armagh), Armagh 8 Hi Michael,
by Heather Cook 1-Feb-18 6:52

Eliza Jane Busby

25-Jan-18 1:17
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Tynan (Armagh) 8 Hi Kathleen.
by Jonathan Gillespie 15-Jun-20 0:04

Seeking information on Jackson & Ann Orr

24-Jan-18 18:22
Ireland XO Community, Armagh, Armagh (Armagh) 3 Elwyn –
by Rob Orr 27-Jan-18 14:01

looking for Veronica who helped with Isaac Sinnamon search

9-Jan-18 22:17
Ireland XO Community, Eglish (Armagh), Armagh 4 Thank you both for your help.
by tomkind 13-Jan-18 3:05

Marsh Family

19-Dec-17 19:28
Ireland XO Community, Armagh 9 Lynn,  I am back again?
by Hilary Walker 7-Feb-18 3:28

Owen Finegan circa 1840

12-Dec-17 3:05
Armagh, Louth 11 Jan glad you liked the forge, I
by St Peters Louth 28-Jan-18 22:42

TURVEY, MICHAEL born c. 1798 Dublin, St. James Parish

16-Nov-17 15:06
Armagh 2 The Church of England, in Ireland
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 16-Nov-17 16:48


13-Nov-17 0:44
Armagh 9 Elwyn,
by magraz 15-Nov-17 1:34