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I am looking into the Finn family from Bagenalstown as I believe that I may have a connection here. Details in the title.

I have created a family tree from the information I have but I need more on the family members.

Patrick and Margaret had six children, Mary Ellen Finn, John H Finn 1856, Peter Finn 1858, William Finn 1861, Patrick Finn 1863, Joseph Finn 1865, and John Finn 1866.  John H Finn and Joseph Finn went to America and the others I don't know.

Any information in regard to Patrick's SNR (1821) family would also be helpful to broaden my scope of the Finn family.

I am looking for a connection to New Zealand from the rest of the family including their children up until 1900. This maybe from settlers to a new land, sailors, gold miners etc.

Attached I hope, is a copy of the Finn family tree to start with.

Many thanks for anyones help.

Malcolm H ...................


Malcolm H

Wednesday 16th December 2020, 03:08AM

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  • Bagenalstown is in the Catholic parish of Dunleckney, and the Catholic parish records which are available for that parish online go back to 1820, so you ought to be able to find baptismal records there for both Patrick and Margaret, which should give the names of their parents.  The records are available at this link:

    The civil parsh of Bagenalstown (an administrative district) is smaller than the Catholic parish, and you can find more info about it here:

    As you'll see, at that site there is a list of the townlands within the civil parish, with a link to more info about each of them.  If you find a baptismal record for the family in the Catholic parish register, it will often indicate the townland in which the family of the child lived, which you could then find on that list, for more info about the townland.

    However, the townlands you want may be a bit further south of Bagenalstown civil parish. The family tree which you attached mentions a Kiledmund and a Ballycomack.  I couldn't find townlands of those names (in Carlow or elsewhere), but on Google Maps I found a Kiledmond (slightly different spelling) about 10 miles to the southeast of Muine Bheag (the main town in Bagenalstown civil parish), and also a Ballycormick (again, a different spelling), located about halfway between that Kiledmond and Muine Bheag 

    Kiledmond does not appear to be a townland name (though it may have been in the past - there have been changes over time), but Ballycormick is the name of two adjoining townlands in Carlow.  They are in separate civil parishes to the south of Bagenalstown civil parish (but on the way to Kiledmond, as I said).  Here's a link to one of them, and it contains a link to the other (adjoining) townland of the same name:

    On each townland page, there is a link to the Griffith's Valuation (mid-1800's) records for the townland.  I tried to check them, but could not get them to work right now. You could check them later to see whether Patrick is shown as a tenant there.

    If you get a townland name from the Catholic parish register, maybe it will confirm whether one of those Ballycormick's is where your ancestors lived.



    Thursday 17th December 2020, 12:04AM
  • Malcolm H.

    The last record on this link  has the 1866 civil record for John and it shows Ballycormack (sp) as the townland. As Kevin mentioned there are two Ballycormick townlands, one in Lorum civil parish and the other in Sliguff civil parishes and these parishes border each other.

    When I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland I located four Finn baptismal records Peter 1858 William 1861 Patrick 1863 John 1866  Not sure where the records are for Mary Ellen, John H. and Joseph. There was no civil birth record for Joseph Finn from 1864-1870. (Civil registration started in 1864).

    The Griffths Valuation head of hosuehold listings from around 1853 for Lorum and Sligduff parishes do not show any Finn records.

    Moving back to Patrick Sr., the only Patrick Finn baptism in 1821 was in Rathvilly RC church parents Thomas Finn and Anne Pearson. Date February 19.

    For Margaret Fitzgerald, I checked the Bagenalstown records and there was a July 7 1833 record parents John Fitzgerld and Anne Cummins.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 18th December 2020, 08:27PM
  • I would like to thank Kevin and Roger for the information that you supplied which I will look into more thoroughly during the Christmas period.

    Also, I hope you both, Kevin and Roger, and your families have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Many thanks,

    Malcolm H ...................

    Malcolm H

    Monday 21st December 2020, 11:40PM
  • Send me an email address and I'll send some records I found


    Anthony McDonald

    Tuesday 22nd December 2020, 10:33AM
  • Hi Anthony,

    I sent my email address to your email.

    Malcolm H ...........

    Malcolm H

    Sunday 27th December 2020, 01:10AM