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Laura wanted to know more about her Carlow ancestors

Borris Co. Carlow

Ask a simple question

Last week Laura sent a simple message to the Ireland XO Message Board wondering if anyone could help her find out more about her Walsh and Leary ancestors. She stated that Patrick J. Walsh was born on 17th March 1871 in Carlow, a good day indeed to be born!  She knew that his parents were Patrick and Catherine (O'Leary) Walsh. Roger, our Castlemore, Roscommon volunteer jumped on the case. He managed to find the original parish register for the Leary family HERE showing the Roman Catholic parish was Borris. 

Entry for Patrick Walsh in Borris Baptismal Register 1871 © National Library of Ireland 

Moving on from this Roger also managed to find eight likely siblings: John (1853), Thomas (1854), James (1856 who likely died young), James (1858), Mary (1861), Mathew (1864), Catherine (1866) and Anne (1868) as well as a 1901 Census entry for the townland of Crannagh. This latter find focused on one Walsh family - Roger believed that the Matthew Walsh listed there was a brother of Patrick and the 72 year old Catherine also recorded in the household was in fact Patrick's mother who was a widow at that time. 

Headstone of Honora and Patrick Walsh

Looking forward to a visit

Laura was delighted with the quick and detailed response replying that Roger had indeed 'struck gold'. What is most satisfying is that on her trip to Ireland with her family, Laura can can now focus very much on the smallest area within the parish and perhaps identify the actual plot where the Walsh homestead was located. Roger explained that Crannagh was about 33 kilometers south of Carlow Town and very close to the borders of Co. Kilkenny to the southwest and Co. Wexford to the southeast. 

We are delighted that Roger's help has provided a great context for Laura's visit from the US, and she offered 'a thousand thank yous. I am looking forward to seeing where Patrick spent his youth before immigrating to Iowa'. Make sure you send us some photos of your visit Laura!



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