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Hello I’m hoping for some help to find my grandmother I have never met her in person because she lives in Ireland but I used to frequently talk to her on the phone and send her letters. I not sure where she lives or how to come in contact with her I only have one address and I’m not sure if it’s hers her name is Nora Murphy she is widowed she has four kids and that’s all I know this is the last address or known address 

Clonagoose Borris

Co. Carlow

R95 V2T0


i’m also not sure if this is a real address so if someone could also tell me that because I was thinking about sending a letter to this address, but I’m not sure if it’s an address that goes on the letter


Friday 23rd Feb 2024, 02:26AM

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  • There's an obituary online at…

    for Christy, husband of Nora. They had four children. 


    Friday 23rd Feb 2024, 04:33PM
  • The death notice of Christy Murphy ( 19th August 2020)  lists the children as Mary, Ann, Margaret and Simon, husband of Nora and the address is shown as Clonagoose, Borris, County Carlow. There is a further death notice for Simon Murphy 1st May 2022 with the same family members. If these are your family then I am sure you could write to this address. I have also seen a likely connection to a Lennon family if that is of benefit to your inquiry.


    Tuesday 27th Feb 2024, 11:47PM

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