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Hello all!

Someone wonderful finally found the parents and birth location of my 3x GGM, Marcella Byrne!  She was born to Michael Byrne and Marcella Neill and baptised on 6 Oct 1831 in Rathvilly, County Carlow (sponsors, Michael Murray and Margaret Kehoe).  Also found was a brother, Patrick Byrne baptised on 6 May 1829 in Rathvilly, County Carlow (sponsors, Henry and Margaret Lalor).

Marcella emmigrated to the US in 1845 and married Thomas Golden in Lockport, NY in 1849.  After Marcella's death, 1903 in Erie, PA, Marcella's maiden name was listed as Summers on some documents such as death certificates for her children and in a book about the history of Erie County, PA.  This leads me to believe her father died early and her mother remarried a Summers.  This would explain why after Marcella's death some thought her maiden name was Summers.  Also, a witness on her marriage in NY and a sponsor for some of her children's baptisms was Mary, Meg or Marg Summers.  This leads me to believe her mother also emmigrated to NY.

So now I am looking for more information on her parents and her brother.  Specifically, marriage and baptism records for her parents and a death record for her father.  I don't know what happened to her brother.  There is a Patrick Byrne that lived and married in Carlow, but I can't be sure it is him.  It seems unsual that he would stay in Ireland during the famine when his sister and mother emmigrated in 1845 (he was only 16), especially if his father was dead.  I am also looking for a marriage record for her mother to Mr. Summers (possibly Thomas).

If anyone has any information on the Byrne family of Carlow or can point me in a direction to find more information, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,




Thursday 10th Feb 2022, 03:15PM

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  • Kim:

    Civil registration of deaths started in 1864 and Rathvilly RC parish does not have death/burial info pre-1864 so I don't think we will find a death record for Michael Byrne.

    I did search the subscription site Roots Ireland and there appear to be a couple of Michael Byrne/Neill couples in Rathvilly parish. (Records for that parish go back to 1797  .)  It is possible that there were children older than Patrick since I see children of Michael Byrne and Margaret Neill baptized in the parish. Some records show Rathmore and others show Cool. Patrick and Marcella show Rathmore.

    I did not find a marriage record for a Mary Byrne or Neill to a Summers.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 10th Feb 2022, 04:03PM
  • Hi Roger,

    Thank you for looking into this for me!  I did see some records for Margaret Neill, but it is hard to know if that is really Marcella Neill.  I noticed on Marcella's baptism that it said Rathmore, but I am not familiar with Cool?  I will look more into the NLI records for potential siblings.

    Thanks so much for your time!



    Friday 11th Feb 2022, 03:46PM
  • Hi Kim! I hope this message finds you well.  I'll be visiting Ireland this June, and I'd love to find out more about my family history before we arrive.  My mom is a Byrne.  Her dad, Bernard Patrick Byrne, died when she was 11 years old. He was a test pilot in the Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida.  He was born in Ireland, and to what I believe and have researched to be County Carlow.  He was born January 8, 1925 and died July 13, 1962.  He married my grandmother Esther Byrne (she was from Puerto Rico and a Franqui at the time), and she became widowed in 1962 as well.  

    My grandfather Byrne came to the states at a young age, 5 years old I believe.  From what I am told, they lived in Connecticut.  I'm having difficulty piecing together his parents, but I do believe they are Bernard Joseph Byrne and Agnes Ralph.  My mom does not remember much at all as a child.  I recall her saying they passed away in California, which has helped me continue piecing it all togehter via Ancestry.  I'm hoping I am correct, but I believe my great grandfather's (Bernard Joseph Byrne) dad was Michael Thomas Byrne of Tullow and my great grandmother's (Agnes Ralph) mom was Anne Young(great, great Grandmother). It seems she married Michael Thomas Byrne in Tullow on Jan 15, 1894.   You can find a great timline in Ancestry if you click on Agnes Ralph.  It all aligns for me.  

    The confusing part is, if Bernard Joseph Byrne is my great grandfather, then he was born in Pennsylvania.  Then, went back to Ireland which is where my grandfather was born. It would make sense, however, since you mentioned the famine and families immigrating during that time.  I vaguely recall my mother telling me of this story.  

    I hope my information pieces something together for you.  Cheers, Kristi


    Kristi C

    Tuesday 10th May 2022, 05:45PM
  • Hello Kristi! 
    I am sorry I did not see this message sooner.  I hope you are enjoying your trip to Ireland!

    While going through the Rathvilly Parish records I found that Byrne is a very common name in that area! However, it is possible that you are related to my Byrne family so I will tell you what I know.

    Michael Byrne b Oct 1807 in Coole, Rathvilly, Co Carlow, Ireland married in 1827, Marcella Neill b 1810 in Knockboy, Rathvilly, Co Carlow.  Michael's parents were Lawrence Byrne and Cathleen Bryan, both were born about 1787 in Coole, Co Carlow. I believe Marcella's father may have been James Neill b 1786 Rathvilly Co Carlow  

    Children of Michael and Marcella were Marcella and Patrick. There may be more siblings but I have yet to find them.  Marcella was baptized on 6 Oct 1831 in Rathmore, Rathvilly, Co Carlow. She emigrated to Lockport, New York (possibly through Onterio) in 1845. She married Thomas Golden in 1849 and she died in 1903 in Erie, Pa.  

    Patrick was baptized 6 May 1829 in Rathmore, Rathvilly, Co Carlow.  I previously believed that Patrick was married in Ireland but I have since determined that may not be true.  There is a Patrick Byrne in Griffith's Valuation (1854?) in Rathmore near a Michael Byrne.  There is also some evidence that he came to Lockport, NY with his sister Marcella. 

    I hope this helps!





    Saturday 25th Jun 2022, 04:29PM
  • Marriage of Bernard Joseph Byrne and Agnes Ralph 16th November 1921…


    Bernard Byrne in 1911…

    He ,along with all bar one of his siblings seem to have been born in America .

    Michael Byrne /Anne Young marriage…

    Possible birth entry for Michael on 14th March 1867 to Bernard Byrne and Bridgit Byrne .…

    Anne Young ?…




    Monday 27th Jun 2022, 11:22PM

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