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I am seeking information about my ancestor, Fanny Donnelly. I have record that she married Peter (Petri) McIntyre and they had four children: Maryann b. 1835, Eliza b. 1838, Stephen b. 1842 ( married Mary Ann Morris in St Kilda Australia abt 1860 ) and William b. 1840. sponsors at Eliza's baptism were Stephen and Bessy Donnelly. Sponsors at Mary Ann's baptism were James McBreen and Eliza Donnelly (Eliza and Bessy may have been a sister of Fanny's). 

All children of Peter and Fanny's were baptized Roman Catholic in Bailieboro, County Cavan. 




Monday 28th Mar 2022, 12:51PM

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  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th Mar 2022, 01:59PM
  • Hi Hilts,

    I will try and help you.  Gettng back before civil registration which started for catholics in 1864 is difficult but not impossible.  While you say there were baptised in Bailieborough, I was wondering do you have a townland?  I would hope that they and their children born between 1835 - 1840 survived long enough to have some of their marriages and deaths registered after 1864.  You can search for free on  Also look at under the tab 'Genealogy' you will find records relating to wills, land and census, though unfortunately the 1901 & 1911 Census are the only complete ones.  I had a quick look at 1901 Census and you should consider those also living in Carnagarve & Skeagh as women that lived in those townlands most likely got married in Bailieborough.  Prior to 1864, the church records are available for a fee on RootsIreland.  

    Philip Donnelly has documented his family very well, he runs a blog on  He mentions a Eliza Donnelly nee Coleman, do read his articles and see can you find any links.  

    The name Eliza & Bessy both derive from the name of Elizabeth, so it may be the same person.

    Very often in the years you mentioned people married their neighbours, I had a quick look at the 1901 census and there is a McIntyre family in Skeagh, so I hope you can see how I approach the problem of identifying their townlands, it is not fool proof, but it is a start, the other issue is that McIntyre is also spelled McIntire & McInteer among other variations.  

    On the positive side the surnames Donnelly & McIntyre and not the most popular surnames in Co. Cavan unlike Clarke, Brady & O'Reilly.  

    I hope I have given you some direction, best wishes in your search and if you find something that you wish me to look at, please let me know.  

    Regards Carmel



    Bailieborough Cavan

    Monday 28th Mar 2022, 02:54PM
  • Sorry, the only Donnely in my family that married a McIntyre was Elizabeth, my mother's first cousin. Elizabeth was born in 1900. She married a Joseph McIntyre who had a brother Peter born 1891, so wrong familly but the Donelly's were all from Greaghnadarragh, Bailieborough. The McIntyre's family went back to Francis born in 1854 who married Alice McPhillips.

    Chris Cooper. 

    Chris Cooper

    Tuesday 29th Mar 2022, 06:24PM


    Thank you for your response, Carmel. I will further research using resources offered. I located the baptism record for Stephon Mc Enter on FamilySearch. It lists the Parish as Killanne, Alternative Parish names : Bailieboro, Killan, Killann. Diocese: Kilmore.

    Would Kilmore be the 'Townland'? 

    His baptism is listed as September of 1842. I will go back to FamilySearch  to see if they have the original document. 

    Thanks again!

    Jill Hilts


    Wednesday 30th Mar 2022, 10:26AM
  • Hi Jill,
    I know Phil Donnelly and could try get you into contact if he doesn't see this himself, but to your question, Kilmore is the religious diocese for this area. Basically all the parishes in the area are part of a larger diocese, it's almost like an equivalent of towns and counties. Killanne is an area between Shercock and Bailieborough now, a townland, but back in these times I have often seen the town of Bailieborough referred to as Killanne or Shercock referred to as Killanne. So much so that when I see it I usually just assume it's talking about one of these two. There was a church around Shercock that I think was called Killann Church but don't quote me on that, I'm not sure at this very moment. In the other replies marriage registers are mentioned and I'd look for these too because they'd say the townland of the person on them.
    I live near Greaghnadarragh and I think I remember Phil saying those Donnelly's went to a church in Bailieborough and he was investigating whether they arrived in the area with the Young family that set up the modern Bailieborough town (I think that's because Greaghnadarragh was part of Lord Lisgar's land, he rented to them etc..). If they didn't then they probably went to Tierworker church or another in the Moybologue area, but I think they went to Bailieborough. Let us know if you find a townland! I'll keep an eye out myself too.

    Adam Pringle

    Friday 1st Apr 2022, 01:42PM
  • Adam- thank you for your kind offer. This makes my head spin. Why don't I read up on Phillip Donnelly's blog first and will come back to you if I find any possible connections there. Really appreciate your offer to assist!


    Saturday 2nd Apr 2022, 06:55AM

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