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I am searching for a burial location for: Michael Reid born 1784, lived in Fintavin, he was a publican and at other times farmer. From a newspaper article(transcribed) his location appears to be approximately 2 miles from Ballyjamesduff and/ or Billis bridge.. He first married Catherine Brady, around 1825.  They had at least five children that I can document through parish records. One son went to Scotland sometime before 1851. His wife Catherine died sometime prior to 1865. He then married my 3rd great grandmother Jane Fischer in Termon in 1865. And unbelievably had my mothers great grandmother in 1866 at age 82. He died July 29 1884 at 100 years of age. Incredible though his advanced age seems, his witness at his death was a family relative whom I recognize and know who he was. I hypothesize that he may have had an additional marriage between his first wife and the last.

I cannot find a single burial record/location for Michael and that is what I am searching for. From church, court, and other records he spent most of his life in the Fintavin area. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Lisa Kelley


Monday 7th Nov 2022, 01:22PM

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  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 7th Nov 2022, 04:14PM
  • Hi Lisa, 

    Where people buried is always a problem and indeed some of my own family who died in Knockbride passed 3 graveyards closer to their home to be buried in Moybologue some 10 miles away as that was their traditional family burial ground...why I will never know.  That he may have had three wives also complicates it, women often buried with their own family, however, if he had a favourite wife he may have decided to be buried there.  Fintavin is a townland, it is in the countryside, therefore many publicans and shop keepers would also have been farmers.  Did any of his family stay in Fintavin? Have you found their burial place?  The other issue is that in some of the older graveyards stones or markers may not have survived, if he ever had one.  I was unable to locate the newspaper article you referred to, though indeed anyone who died at 100 would be worthy of a mention. Depending on his religion, unless he changed it at some time he could be buried in any of the following:

    • Ballyjamesduff - Church of Ireland Graveyard
    • Ballyjamesduff Presbyterian Church.
    • Billis Church of Ireland Cemetery.
    • Saint Joseph RC Church Cemetery.
    • Saint Mary's Church Cemetery - Castlerahan.
    • Saint Matthews Church Cemetery - Cross Keys.
    • St. Claire's Cemetery.



    You could also contact the relevant churches to see if they have burial records, I don't live near Ballyjamesduff, but I know the undertaker where I live keeps the local records, though they are of more recent origin.  If the church you are looking for is not transcribed, keep checking as volunteers do tackle these jobs from time to time.


    • Let me know how you get on and if I can help you further I will.  Regards Carmel O'Callaghan                                          

    Bailieborough Cavan

    Monday 7th Nov 2022, 10:39PM
  • Thank you for replying Carmel and offering suggestions as to where to search.

    The newspaper article to which I referred is not about Michael Reid advanced age but rather an attempted murder in May 1862. I also have read the account in the Petty Court sessions. The article gives his location as approximately two miles from Ballyjamesduff. The article itself, I believe from the Cavan Observer, was, to me, one of the most interesting things I've read about any of my ancestors. 

    His youngest daughter, my mothers great grandmother, left Ireland shortly after her father died. By June 1885 she, and other Reids, were living in White Plains New York.

    Thank you much,

    Lisa Kelley


    Tuesday 8th Nov 2022, 12:40PM

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