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I am planning to be in Dublin doing research on my family tree from Oct 12-22.  I was hoping to go to Bailieborough for a few days next week but had to change my plans at the last minute.  I am hoping to come through Bailieborough at the end of my visit, possibly arriving on Nov 2 and leaving on Nov 3. My plans have not been finalized so I might be able to find more time to spend in Bailieborough.

My mother and I were in Bailieborough in 1992 for an O'Reilly Clan reunion. Seamus O'Reilly organized that event.  I believe he is still living in Dublin.  If anyone knows how I can get in touch with Seamus O'Reilly, I would love to hear from you.  His late father was Brenden O'Reilly and ran the Royal Brieffni in Tierworker, if that helps make the connection. I was in touch with someone online a while back who knew Seamus and said he was still living in Dublin but I can't find that message now.

My family names from County Cavan are popular names--Reilly, Lynch and Smith/Smyth--which can make things difficult. I suspect that all three families were from Bailieborough or the areas surround it.  I know that my Lynch ancestors were from Bailieborough as my 2xs great grandmother, Bridget Lynch Reilly, was baptized at St Anne's Church on 3 Aug 1840. Her parents were Michael and Mary Lynch and they lived in Rekeevan at the time.  I don't know anything about her siblings or ancestors beyond her parents; however, some siblings may have remained in Ireland. About the only thing I know about the Lynches is that her family lived on Williams St, now Anne St, just down the street from the church (based on family lore). A Bridget Lynch and a Bridget Reilly were both living on Williams St and worked as Milliners/Seamstresses according to the 1858 Belfast and Ulster Directory. I am trying to figure out if this Bridget Lynch and Bridget Reilly might have been my ancestors. There were also Smiths in the area. Does anyone know if any Lynch, Reilly, or Smith/Smyth families are still living along Anne St or have any suggestions on how to follow up with local resources on whether these could be my ancestors? Also if you know of possible descendants of these women, please let me know.

More info on my ancestors--just in case anyone out there might be related to me...Michael Reilly married Sarah Smith or Smyth.  The had several children: Possibly a Michael Jr born around 1840-unconfirmed, John Reilly b 1840-1842, Mary Reilly b 1848, James Reilly b 1850, Terrence Francis Reilly b 1851, Charles A Reilly b 1853.  All of the children I know of moved to the US; however, I don't know if any stayed behind or whether Michael Reilly and Sarah Smith ever left Ireland.  John Reilly and Bridget Reilly had several children in Ireland and some in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Their children were: Patrick Joseph Reilly (my great grandfather) b abt 1862-1864 (I found a baptismal certificate in Dundalk for 27 Aug 1862 with the correct names for the parents-they were living on Church Lane), Mary Ann Reilly b 1864 (I found a baptismal certificate for Dundalk for 18 Mar 1864-no address provided); Michael Reilly b abt 1866; and Bridget Reilly b 13 Apr 1868 in Bailieborough.  Mary Ann was registered in the infant school and was then removed to the Model School so they were back in Bailieborough in the mid-1860s.  The family left Ireland for the US in August 1870 and more children were born in the US. I am wondering about the records I found in Dundalk.  Was it unusual for someone to move to Dundalk in the early 1860s?  If those are my ancestors, I am guessing it was for work. Is there someone in Bailieborough I can contact who might be able to shed some light on this?

If anyone has any suggestions on local resources that might be helpful to look at in Bailieborough, I would appreciate it.  I would like to make the best use of my limited time while I am there.  I wasn't sure if the library in Bailieborough would be helpful or if I would really need to go to the main library in Cavan. I have looked through the church records and couldn't find any more information. I couldn't find my known ancestors in Griffith's Valuation either. I am hoping when I get to Dublin I can find something in the Revision Books as they are not available in the US.  If nothing else, I might go out to the RC cemeteries in the area, especially any cemetery connected to St Anne's.  I understand that one cemetery is located on Kells Road and an older one is in the townland of Killann. Which RC cemetery am I more likely to find ancestors from the 1800s or earlier?

Sorry for such a long message.  This is my first time on irelandxo and I am not sure how much information was appropriate at this point so I put it all in. I put the main questions I have in bold to help focus on those. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide me.







Ellen C

Friday 7th Oct 2022, 08:05PM

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  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 7th Oct 2022, 10:59PM
  • Hi Ellen,

    I will see if I can help you.  

    I don't know where Seamus O'Reilly lives or his phone number.

    The best way to track your family is to work back from yourself.  You have advised that the family left in Aug 1870, so one of the ways I would have looked for the family is to track all the certificates relating to marriages & deaths in US.  From these hopefully you will find out when they were born and perhaps where as some death certificates do state where the person was born, this would help you include or eliminate the Dundalk records.  On Bridget's birth record it states her father was a baker in Bailieborough likewise with Mary Ann's in Dundalk, it is difficult to say that they are yours or just coincidence.  But you are certain that they are from Bailieborough, which is good.  Also look to see if anyone came over after them and stayed with them, the census records may help you with this, this would hopefully take you within the timeframe of civil registration which started for catholics in 1864. 

    The Library in Bailieborough would not be able to help you, it is staffed by people from outside the town.  A better way to go would be to Genealogy Centre (for a fee)

    Contact Details
    Cavan Genealogy
    1st Floor, Johnston Central Library, Farnham St., Cavan 
    Tel: +353 (0) 49 4361094

    Do contact them before you come so you don't spend your time within 4 walls.

    St. Anne's cemetery in Bailieborough is on, but I think the first burial there is circa 1928, Moybologue is on Historic graves and might be a better option.  But people often buried where their family traditionally buried which could be somewhere else and they may not have a marker over them.  There are not many stones left in Killann, but they are also on Billiongraves.

    I have photographed the revision books for Anne Street and I can send them to you but I would need your email address.

    I am not available for the dates you mention in November.

    Regards Carmel

    Bailieborough Cavan

    Saturday 8th Oct 2022, 10:52PM
  • Hello, My family (grandfather: Bernard and grandmother: Maggie Smyth) are from Lishenry, Ballyjamesduff, County Cavan. I have done work on this tree, and I don't think it is the same Balieboro Reillys, but thought I'd drop a line here as good karma - hopeful I can make better headway on my mother's side where family is smaller and records are less robust. Good luck in your search, and certainly reach out if you think I can be of any assistance. Helen

    Helen Reilly

    Wednesday 18th Jan 2023, 04:18PM
  • Hi Ellen,


    I think we may have some relatives in common. Have you done a DNA test? A lot of names and places are very similar but I can not find the connection. I have mine and my father's DNA done and we would like to compare with you.

    Here are our GED Match kit numbers:

    UX6851499    MELISSA REILLY
    LX6245094    Thomas Reilly


    Monday 17th Jul 2023, 03:10PM

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