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Researching this family - three brothers (?) who are in Griffiths Valuations and their families are in 1901/1911 Census records. Having trouble identifying where these families might be buried and any gravestone inscriptions. Found only one grave Patrick McK d 1942 grave in Kinawley. Any information appreciated. Liam


Thursday 31st Dec 2015, 04:13PM

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  • Hi Liam


    sorry for the delay but there appears ot be n o volunteer in that particular area.

    Firstly not every grave got a stone as the families were poor, there should be a civil record of the death and maybe even a mention in the Anglo Celt, yoiu could try emailing Cavan library for information.

    THe stone you found is near were this site is about and maybe if you can contact them them may know where it probably is. Is it possible the are all were the one you found is. I see from registers that this is near Kilawley. See This is RC but parishes usually the same.

    Histoirc graves site is also putting graves up but not that area yet. Sometimes I find that the local history society if htere is one will have catologued the local old graves.



    St Peters Louth

    Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016, 12:00AM
  • Pat really appreciate your helpful response Liam


    Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016, 08:01PM

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