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Patrick McCabe ane wife Elizabeth lived in Lisnahederna, a townland, close to Mullagh.  Elizabeth died in about 1904.  Patrick much earlier.  Luke Vincent and Michael James emigrated to Philadelphia where they were ordained priests.  Margaret and Mary likewise...however as single women housekeeping for their brothers. My own grandfather John Benedict emigrated in about 1880.

The only remaining was Patrick, son of Patrick, who married a woman named May; he kept the homestead with his wife and mother Elizabeth..Bessy.The home still stands in Lisnahederna.


Saturday 5th December 2020, 07:46AM

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  • Hi,  

    Yes Luke & Michael were ordained in Overbrook, for Philadelphia.  I have just googled Overbrook, see this link, next year the campus is celebrating 150 years, so I am unsure if it is the same place, but you could contact them.  Luke was ordained 1869 & Michael in 1892, their mother was Elizabeth Carolan.

    Regards Carmel O'allaghan


    Bailieborough Cavan

    Saturday 5th December 2020, 07:47PM
  • Hello,    There was a: 

    1.John McCabe Baptism 5th August 1848. Mullagh, Cavan, Ireland.  

    Father Patrick Mc Cabe. Mother Elizabeth Carrolan. Sponsors James Carrolan and Mary Carrolan.

    2.Patrick McCabe Baptism 04th April 1858 Mullagh, Cavan, Ireland.
    Father Patrick McCabe. Mother Bessy Carolan. Sponsors Charles Clarke and Ann Carolan.

    3.Michael McCabe 17th March 1866 Mullagh, Cavan, Ireland.
    Father Patrick McCabe. Mother Elizabeth Carolan. Sponsors John Carolan Anne Sullivan.

    The information is on the Irish Genealogy Site. Also the MyHeritage Site has a member called Suzanne Hagen that has information on your Family. (Looks like she is a relative).  

    All the Best





    Friday 22nd January 2021, 11:54AM