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Looking for information on family of Michael Thomas O'Hehir born in 1827 approx probably in Ballyncally or Ballyglass, County Clare. Immigrated to South Australia in 1846?. Married Anne Fitzpatrick on 17th April 1853 before going to Ballarat goldfields and later ended up as a farmer in Wattleflat, Creswick area in Victoria.

Sue O

Thursday 8th June 2017, 10:03AM

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  • Sue:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I will contact our HQ and see if we can identify a parish liaison to assist you with your message. I did check for a church marriage record with no success. Do you have a copy of the 1853 marriage record or was it passed down thru the family?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 8th June 2017, 04:36PM
  • I have sourced the marriage and death certifcates for Michael Thomas O'Hehir/ Hehir but his parents are listed as unknown on both. I also have not been successful in finding him on immigration records. I believe Anne Fitzpatrick, his partner travelled with family members on the Elgin on sept 10 1849 , aged 16 yrs. Her father is listed as a publican from South Australia on her death certificate. I believe her family may have come from Ballyglass west. Am finding Michael Thomas Hehir much harder to trace however in terms of Ireland/ immigration records. 



    Sue O

    Monday 12th June 2017, 04:20AM
  • It seems possible that our ancestor Michael Thomas O'Hehir came from Ballyglass, near Ennis in county Clare. He was born about 1827 and emigrated to South Australia about 1846. I have heard that records for this area are stored in Barefield church but not sure how to go about investigating this further. Will write to this church and see what happens. We actually stayed in Barefield on our trip to Ireland last year but didn't know at that time the records were kept there unfortunately.

    Sue O

    Monday 17th June 2019, 12:28PM
  • Hi Sue O:

    You are in luck as the Clare Library has received a large number of transcribed parish registers from volunteers and in particular, one who has done tremendous work.  You can log into the library at this link and then look through the parishes:


    The Ennis parish registers are online through a separate link:


    The very best of luck and please let me know if you have any problems or any further questions.

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 17th June 2019, 08:31PM
  • Hello Sue: I have done some research on the Hehir family of the Ballynacally area, County Clare. Michael Henry Hehir of Lack had a son, Michael T Hehir who was a National School teacher at Killerk and Ballyea in Clare. I do not believe this Michael is your Michael, but he may have been a first or second cousin. In the early 1900’s, due to an increase in the Irish republican spirit, a number of Hehirs reverted back to the earlier O’Hehir. If your Michael is related to this group, he would also be related to Michael James O’Hehir, the famous GAA hurling/ horse racing radio broadcaster. If Ballyglass is your Michael’s origin I would suggest you look in County Clare Library for the tithe appointments of 1823 for Hehir or O’Hehir near Ballyglass. I am currently visiting Ballynacally now but will do a little research when I arrive back in the USA next week.   Bob Brett


    Tuesday 18th June 2019, 05:45AM

    Hello Sue, 

    My name is David Reid and I am the great,great grandson of Michael Thomas O'Hehir from Wattle flat.  I am decended from his eldest son Michael from Bullarto . My my mother was an O'hehir. It would be nice to get in contact with you and work out how we are related and what we both know about our shared history. Is "Sue O" short for Sue O'Hehir ? David








    Irish Australian

    Monday 16th September 2019, 01:47AM
  • Hello David

    Yes you would definitely be a distant relation to my husband Kevin O'Hehir as you have the same ancestor in Michael Thomas O'Hehir. The information I have so far is on on public tree Fixter family tree. John Thomas is Kevins ancestor, brother to your Michael.

    Sue O

    Sue O

    Thursday 12th March 2020, 09:12AM
  • Lovely to hear from you Sue. I will be sure to look up your research. Is Kevin the son of Martin Joseph O'Hehir (Died 1961 in Daylesford) ? It would be great to get in touch sometime.          







    Irish Australian

    Thursday 23rd April 2020, 10:50AM
  • No Kevins father was Michael Francis O'Hehir and his grandfather was Michael Joseph. Great grandfather John THOMAS O'Hehir, great great grandfather who travelled to Australia around 1846 from county Clare was Michael Thomas O'Hehir who died in Wattleflat near Creswick in Victoria in 1914. Latter was born in county Clare about 1827 and married Ann Fitzpatrick in 1853 in Adelaide, South Australia.

    Sue O

    Tuesday 15th September 2020, 12:02PM