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Im researching the Patrick McInerney (? -abt 1892) and Ellen Burke (abt 1833 - abt 1910) family from Clenagh Co. Clare.

Patrick & Ellen married abt 1847 (not sure where, Ellen Burke was from Kilmaly so maybe they married there)

My McInerneys were possibly originally from Manaus and my Patrick farmed in Clenagh. I have no leads there or have not started to research there yet. His son Patrick moved and lived in Manus. The Burkes were from Townland: Ballyillaun & Parish: Kilmaly.

Patrick & Ellen had the following children: Jane (Gort), John (Ennistymon), Daniel (Ennis), Thomas (Portumna) Anne, Patrick (Clarecastle), Mary Kate (Athenry), Michael (Loughrea), Ellie (Tuam) & James (Clenagh).

Can anyone help me? Or direct me?

Thanks and regards

Saturday 17th Dec 2016, 09:27AM

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  • Hello again Jason!

    Here is a link to the Newmarket on Fergus register Records are available (including marriages) are available from 1828 to 1865/1866.

    A lot of the suggestions I provided on the Ellen Burke message apply here.

    What trade did Patrick have since the children were baptized in a number of parishes in Clare and Galway?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 17th Dec 2016, 05:34PM
  • Hello again Roger!

    Thanks again!

    Patrick was a farmer. Sorry the listed places Gort, Ennistymon etc are where the children from Patrick lived.

    I have lots of info on the children but can't find out where Patrick was from.

    Thanks and regards




    Monday 19th Dec 2016, 11:18AM
  • Taking my cue from Roger, Jason, my question would be how have you established that each of Patrick and Ellen Burke McInerney's children was born in (or did they only later reside in?) so many different places? As Roger suggested by his question, what was Patrick's profession? If he were some kind of journeyman residences in so many different places might make sense. It would however be highly unusual for a farmer.

    Sorry, just reading your last message and  I now understand that the various places associated with Patrick's children are their later residences. Did a quick search on Ancestry and if they have indexed correctly, the only Newmarket records I found for this couple was for the baptisms of a son named Jame in both 1860 and 1862. And if you are correct and he is the youngest of their children (assuming you put them in birth order) than civil registration won't do you much good as it doesn't commence until 1864.

    I assume you've seen that their son John residing Ennistymon  applied for the old age pension about 1915 and tried to prove his age based on the 1851 Census - the search was done and they found Patrick and Ellen in Clenagh with two sons but not with a John so it didn't help him with his pension (he must have been born after that census). Still it suggests that the McInerneys resided at Clenagh for some time. Patrick McInerney is listed in the Griffith's Valuations for Clenagh - right above him is an Ann Hoolahan and since the godmother at one of those  two James McInerney baptisms is a Bridget Houlihan, this may be a related family.

    Next question is how you established that Ellen Burke came from Kilmaley. There are Burke families having children baptized in Newmarket parish in the 1830s - none for Ellen but the records for baptisms going back to 1833 are somewhat haphazard  and because a record doesn't appear, it doesn't mean she wasn't baptized there. Only reason I ask is because given the times and the transport issues the majority of folks married someone from very close to home.

    There are no McInerneys or Burkes listed for Manusmore townland in the Griffith's Valuations so if there was an earlier ancestral connection there perhaps it was through another surname. Again perhaps you have done already but you might want to check everything in the Tithe Aplotmens as well. Likewise if you join Find My Past you might find family references in the Petty Court Session records. I have found them a fruitful for source for several of my ancestral lines but perhaps my crowd was just haule into court fairly often :)

    No sure that i have helped you but perhaps given you some more things to think about.







    Tuesday 20th Dec 2016, 03:41PM
  • I note a Patrick Burke listed in Clenagh in the Tithe Aplotments of 1825 as well as a Burke listed for Manusbeg. There are no McInerneys listed in Clenagh for the Tithe Aplotments but there are at least 5 Mcinerney families listed among the several civil parishes that comprise Newmarket Catholic parish.


    Tuesday 20th Dec 2016, 04:34PM
  • Eamonn:

    Great work!


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 20th Dec 2016, 10:20PM

    Thanks Eamonn for all the help and ideas! 

    Yes I have lots of info on Patrick & Ellens children!

    I know about John in Ennistymon. Found also his application for Pension too. 

    I will have to check into the Hoolahan link that you mentioned. As mentioned below this Ellen Hogan might be a Hoolahan? Maybe the Hogan to Hoolahan is too much of a difference in names. 

    As for Ellen Burke: I received family history documents from a relative through the Burke/Falvey side and he mentioned that Ellen is from Ballyilaun, Killanniv. I have James Burke(atb 1819-1897) married Catherine Hassett who I believe was Ellens brother. His death place was LoughBurke. I have a Margaret Burke married Martin Falvey 1/3/1840 in Kilmaley Church. Margaret is Ellens sister.  They lived in Bearnageeha, Darragh which is Killone Parish. So Im guessing my Ellen was from Kilmaley. But have no facts. All I have is a hand written letter from this relative stating my Ellen was a sibling to James and Margaret. 

    I have Findmypast.

    Received the following email from Newmarket Parish:

    In the parish books of Newmarket there is no record of a marriage of Patrick
    McInerney of Cleneagh.

    The baptismal records seem to employ that he was married twice

    Firstly to Ellen Hogan. Their son John was baptised on 30th May 1847.

    Next entry is for Jane daughter of Patrick and Ellen Burke baptism on 28th
    Dec 1852. There were eleven more baptisms.

    Jane     baptised  2(8)th December 1852
    John        "        5th  Jun 1856 ( implication that John bap. 30th May 1847
    was dead. Mother and Child may have died at the birth)
    Levina    "        26th Aug 1857
    James     "     ?    Aug 1860. Died as infant
    James        "        5th  Jan 1862
    Ellen     "        31st Mar 1863
    Bridget   "     8th  Aug 1864
    Catherine "        3rd  Nov 1866    
    Anne        "     3rd  Jun 1868. Infant death
    Dan        "       14th  Dec 1869
    Anne      "    24th  Jul 1871
    William   "    3rd   Jan 1873


    Wednesday 21st Dec 2016, 09:46AM
  • There are 6 candidates for Patrick McInerny in the Civil Death Records prior to the 1901 Census (assuming Patrick is dead by then) with the following two being the most likely:

    Interestingly when I search the records with a number of parameters, the only baptismal entries I get are those two for James in Newmarket parish but i could find Civil Records for Catherine and William.. Guess the indexing is just not good. I note Ellen's maiden name is spelled both Burke and Bourke.


    Wednesday 21st Dec 2016, 10:17PM
  • hello I think I can help you my name is  Patrick mcinerney and I live in Manus house  and my family have lived here for over a hundred years 


    Sunday 22nd Mar 2020, 09:15AM
  • Hello Patrick

    Thanks for the response, Patrick! I'm happy!

    I'm on the Michael McInerney (Loughrea) line.

    I'm assuming you are from the line of Patrick (1847-1915) who married Margaret Hannon?

    my email is

    Regards Jason



    Monday 23rd Mar 2020, 07:49AM
  • my email is

    Regards Jason


    Saturday 28th Mar 2020, 10:28AM
  • Hello!

    Anyone else with any info on my McInerney or Burke families?




    Friday 11th Sep 2020, 06:47PM

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