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William Connole was born circa 1836 and Bridget Kelly was born circa 1839.  I think they were born in Ennistimon.  They had a daughter Annie (my paternal grandmother) born 1869 Ennistimon.  The 3 of them immigrated to Leeds, Yorkshire, England.   I would like to know for sure when and where William and Bridget were born and when they were married.  Also, any info regarding their parents.  Annie married Thomas Rider Pullan 1889 Leeds. 

Thank you
Barbara Wudarski,
Taylor, Michigan, USA



Wednesday 30th May 2012, 10:19PM

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  • Hi Barbara,

    There are Roman Catholic church records available for the diocese of Kilmanaheen (Galway). These date from 1823 for baptismal records and can be found at the Clare Heritage and Genealogical Centre. They are also available at the National Library of Ireland, Pos. 2440, or the Church of Latter Day Saints, 0926067, but these only date from 1870. If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for more assistance.

    Civil registration records are available from the General Register Office (GRO). These start from 1864 however. You can access the website here:

    If their daughter Annie was born in Ennistimon, then there is a good chance that they were also married at the same place.

    There is a very good website that you should look at. It contains lots of useful links and information for County Clare:

    You could also try checking the land records called the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38) or the later Griffith's Valuation (1848-64). Griffith's is freely available here: or here: Failte Romhat has lots of other useful links you could try looking at. Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38). Microfilm copies of the books for all of Ireland are available at the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) or the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

    Regarding their immigration records and Uk marriage records, the place to check for them is the UK national Archives here:

    There is also the possibility that your ancestors may have been at the Ennistimon (or Ennistymon) workhouse. Do you anything about this?

    There is an article you could refer to. It is available at the National Library of Ireland. 'A Guide to Ennistymon Union 1839-1850', Ennistymon: North Clare Historical Society, 1992.

    Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Genealogist (Ireland XO)

    Wednesday 13th Jun 2012, 03:02PM

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