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The 1821-1851 census returns were almost destroyed in a fire, the 1861-1891 census returns were destroyed by the Government. The 1901-1911 census returns are available on line free of charge on line on the National Archives of Ireland website.


Townlands in the parish

Ballyduff Ballyline Ballymacahill Ballymaconna Ballyogan Bearnafunshin Cahernalough Cappagh Beg Cappagh More Carrowdotia Cloonkerry Cloontymurphy Cragard Cullenagh Curraderra Drumgloon Drumgranagh Drumquin Knockaluskraun Racorcraun Rosslevan Tooreen Tullyvoghan

The Diocese of Killaloe is made up of 58 parishes grouped into 12 clusters. It stretches from Loop Head in County Clare to the foothills of the Sliabh Bloom Mountains in County Laois.

The parish is the fundamental unit of our Churchメs structure and is the place where most people have their first experience of the Church. All parishes in the Killaloe Diocese are defined by geographical boundaries.

Most of our parishes have a long and ancient history. The youngest parish in the Diocese is St. Senanメs Parish in Shannon which was established in the late 1960メs as the new town grew up around the Airport and Industrial Estate. The place where a person resides and the faith community with which they most identify is generally their parish. Many of lifeメs key moments are celebrated in the context of the local parish.

In recent years the decline in numbers of clergy has highlighted the need for parishes to work more closely together in order to provide the best pastoral services for the people. Under the leadership of Bishop Willie Walsh the process of clustering began. A cluster is a group of neighbouring parishes who work more closely together to ensure that the people of a particular area have access to the pastoral care that they need. Initially this began with increased co-operation of the clergy but it has developed in recent years to include greater collaboration between Parish Pastoral Councils. There are currently 12 clusters in the Diocese.

Names of People in the Parish

Ahern           Jeremiah         Curraderra         Kilraghtis     Clare

Arthur          James            Bearnafunshin      Kilraghtis     Clare

Arthur          Michael          Ballymaconna       Kilraghtis     Clare

Arthur          Michael          Curraderra         Kilraghtis     Clare

Arthur          Thomas           Ballyogan          Kilraghtis     Clare

Arthur          William          Carrowdotia        Kilraghtis     Clare

Arthur          William          Cragard            Kilraghtis     Clare

Baker           Michael          Bearnafunshin      Kilraghtis     Clare

Blackall        James            Ballymacahill      Kilraghtis     Clare

Bowen           Margaret         Tullyvoghan        Kilraghtis     Clare

Brody           Bridget          Racorcraun         Kilraghtis     Clare

Brody           James            Ballyogan          Kilraghtis     Clare

Brody           Patrick          Ballyogan          Kilraghtis     Clare

Brody           Thomas           Ballyogan          Kilraghtis     Clare

Burns           Patrick          Ballymaconna       Kilraghtis     Clare

Butler          Austin           Ballyline          Kilraghtis     Clare

Butler          Austin           Cullenagh          Kilraghtis     Clare

Butler          John             Carrowdotia        Kilraghtis     Clare

Butler          Thomas           Carrowdotia        Kilraghtis     Clare

Callaghan       Patrick          Ballymaconna       Kilraghtis     Clare

Callinan        Simon            Rosslevan          Kilraghtis     Clare

Canneen         Mary             Tullyvoghan        Kilraghtis     Clare

Carmody         Bridget          Carrowdotia        Kilraghtis     Clare

Carmody         James            Carrowdotia        Kilraghtis     Clare

Carmody         John             Carrowdotia        Kilraghtis     Clare

Carmody         Patrick          Carrowdotia        Kilraghtis     Clare

Clifford        Bartholomew      Tullyvoghan        Kilraghtis     Clare

Clune           George           Tullyvoghan        Kilraghtis     Clare

Clune           John             Tullyvoghan        Kilraghtis     Clare

Coffey          James            Ballymaconna       Kilraghtis     Clare

Collins         Margaret         Rosslevan          Kilraghtis     Clare

Conlan          Bridget          Ballymaconna       Kilraghtis     Clare

Connor          Anne             Curraderra         Kilraghtis     Clare

Connor          Daniel, Jr.      Curraderra         Kilraghtis     Clare

Connor          Daniel, Sr.      Curraderra         Kilraghtis     Clare

Connor          John             Ballyogan          Kilraghtis     Clare

Connor          Martin           Cloonkerry         Kilraghtis     Clare

Content on the Parish

Kilraghtis is in the barony of Bunratty and is situated 4 miles from Ennis on the road to Gort holding a population of 1866 people.

Roman Catholic Divsions form part of a union of Doora.


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