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The 1821-1851 census returns were almost destroyed in a fire, the 1861-1891 census returns were destroyed by the Government. The 1901-1911 census returns are available on line free of charge on line on the National Archives of Ireland website.



Ahaclare Ardskeagh Ballykelly Broadford town Cloonsheerea Cloontra Cloontra East Cloontra West Coolagh Crag Derry Derryvinnaan Doon Drummin Drumminakela Drumsillagh or Sallybank (Merritt) Drumsillagh or Sallybank (Parker) Gortacullin Gortnaglogh Gortnagonnella Hurdleston Killaderry (Massy) Killaderry (O'Brien) {C}{C}{C}Kilmoculla {C}{C}{C}Kilseily {C}{C}{C}Knockshanvo {C}{C}{C}Kyle {C}{C}{C}Meanagh {C}{C}{C}Mountrice O'Shea's Acres Sallybank (Merritt) or Drumsillagh Sallybank (Parker) or Drumsillagh Snaty (Cooper) Snaty (Massy) Snaty (Wilson) Violethill Woodfield

Names of People in the Parish

Armstrong Catherine Ardskeagh Village of Broadford Main St. Kilseily Clare

Barrett Laurence Violethill Kilseily Clare

Barron Richard Ardskeagh Village of Broadford Main St. Kilseily Clare

Barry James Hurdleston Kilseily Clare

Barton Joseph Drumsillagh or Sallybank (Merritt) Kilseily Clare

Begley James Cloontra West Kilseily Clare

Bentley Bridget Ardskeagh Village of Broadford Main St. Kilseily Clare

Bentley John Ballykelly Kilseily Clare

Bentley John Doon Kilseily Clare

Bentley John Hurdleston Kilseily Clare

Bentley John Killaderry (Massy) Kilseily Clare

Bentley Michael Ardskeagh Village of Broadford Fairgreen Kilseily Clare

Bentley Michael Ballykelly Kilseily Clare

Bentley Simon Doon Kilseily Clare

Bentley Thomas Gortnaglogh Kilseily Clare

Bentley William Ballykelly Kilseily Clare

Bentley William Coolagh Kilseily Clare

Bentley William Gortnaglogh Kilseily Clare

Bentley William Hurdleston Kilseily Clare

Bernard Edward Drumsillagh or Sallybank (Merritt) Kilseily Clare

Bettel Anne Killaderry (O'Brien) Kilseily Clare

Boland Matthias Drumsillagh or Sallybank (Merritt) Kilseily Clare

Boland Matthias, Jr. Drumsillagh or Sallybank (Merritt) Kilseily Clare

Boland Patrick Ardskeagh Village of Broadford Main St. Kilseily Clare

Boland Patrick Drumsillagh or Sallybank (Merritt) Kilseily Clare

Boland Patrick Violethill Kilseily Clare

Brennan Catherine Clonsheerea Kilseily Clare

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Is in the barony of Lower Tulla in Clare. Population of the parish is 4, 227 according to the 1841 census. It consists of a stream and a lake that flows from the River Fergus near Ennis.

Roman Catholic Divisions form part of a union of Killurane and Kilnoe.

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