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Hi Jane,

I am still searching for the Hallinans, and have even had my DNA done.  It came up with a few interesting things.  Firstly I got in touch with a descendant of KATE HALNAN.  They said that their family came from Kilfenora, and had Baptismal Record for ’24 Aug 1841 - Kate of James Houlster & Kate Halnan. Sp: Terry O’Loughlin & Tony Halnan and also ’20 Jul 1844 - Elon of Jas Holster & Kate Hallinan. Sp: Pat Carty & Barbara O’Loughlin.

the descendants of the Kate Halnan said that they were sponsored by the Hallinans in Australia for passage on the ‘Trebolgan’ to Australia. Now John married Katherine Houlster (Kate Halnan's granddaughter) in 1868 (Carcour, New South Wales).  and the Hallinans already in Australia were Katherine’s cousins.  I am wondering if Kate Halnan could be Thomas' sister.

I have also found that we are in some way related to the Donohues at Kilfenora, as Father Ned took us up to see old Mr. O'Donohue and he gave us the email of his Grandaughter who is doing the family tree, and we have found that there is a connection there as well, with the Linnane/Donohue marriage,  Her name came up as a match for the DNA test. Father Ned found the Baptismal Records for all their children.

Well, now I am trying to find more information of the Cooney's who married the Hallinan.  Hanora Cooney was the daughter of Martin Cooney and  Hanorah Moran.  On the the Griffiths Valuation, it had a Daniel Cooney, and I was wondering if that could possibly be the brother of Hanora.  Is there any way of finding out any more about the age or any other information that would relate to him.

A clue has come up on Ancestry, saying that Martin Cooney and his wife Hanorah Moran Cooney migrated to America, (which is on the ship's record for Hanorah Cooney Hallinan) and I THINK that I have found them, however, I have located a cousin in America who swears that his family said that his ancestor Hanorah Moran Colligan??  He said that Hanora, Martin, and also a John and Mary Cooney immigrated in 1853 to Lambertville in America!!  So I am thinking that it would be Martin's brother and his wife, and perhaps Daniel Cooney was the eldest son.  The interesting thing is that the DNA says that we are related!!

Can you think of any other way that we can find out more about the Hallinan family.  I am still trying to find out about John Hallinan (Thomas Hallinan's father) and his wife Susan Coughlin.  On the ship's record it states that John Hallinan went to New York, and that his wife Susan Coughlin is dead.  The trouble is.....did she die and then he went to New York, or did they both go to New York and then she died, but they must have gone before Thomas and Honora and family came to Australia on the "Coldstream" in 1862.

I hope all this makes a bit of sense to you, and perhaps you can steer me in the right direction with my searching.

Kind regards,






Pat Hallinan

Thursday 27th July 2017, 10:55AM

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  • Dear Pat:


    Thanks for the update.  It sounds like you have been doing a lot of research and making some new connections.

    There is a lovely lady in the Kilshanny area who is very well-versed with regard to some of the local families.  I met her after I had met both of you and she has been helpful with information for other visitors.

    I'm going to copy her with your post about the Cooneys and the Hallinans to see what her thoughts are.  If she is willing, I might ask her if she can email you (or you email her) directly.  She is pretty busy, but is very knowledgeable.

    I'll let you know what the outcome is.


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 2nd August 2017, 01:32PM
  • Thank you Jane

    Pat Hallinan

    Friday 4th August 2017, 06:48AM