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Hello and thank you for adding me to your community. I've recently recieved an email from Carmel Thynne, who is a distant cousin of mine, still living in the home of my ancestors, Streamlet Lodge.

My 3x G Grandfather was Andrew Thynne, b approx 1790-Lahinch (Lahensy), Clare, and passed away in Ennistimon, Clare in 1874. He was married to Harriet Burke of Galway,  (1814 Tuam Doicese) and they lived at Streamlet Lodge, Kilshanny, Clare.

If anyone has advice on how to research this family further, or point me to a true family tree so I can see all the branches, I would be very appreciative.  

Thank you from Canada!   Sandy




Wednesday 7th September 2016, 04:55PM

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  • Dear Sandy

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out and apologies for the long delay in getting back to you.

    I hope someone connected to the family will be in touch with you. In the meantime, I wanted to invite you to add your ancestor's details to our XO Chronicles. You can learn more about it HERE and it might be another avenue to consider so that your ancestor's details can be seen by others. 

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support

    Clare Doyle

    Tuesday 18th October 2016, 03:32PM

    Hi Sandy, My great, great grandfather was James Thynne, my great grandmother was  his daughter Harriet Terasa Thynne 1861-1939. I live in England but hope to visit Kilshanny in the Summer. How are you related, I know Margaret Thynne another daughter went to Canada as did a son called Francis "Frank" Thynne. I hope we can help each other with information.






    Wednesday 26th April 2017, 04:03PM

    Hi Irene, thank you so much for your email. This is quite exciting!  Harriet Theresa was my 2XGreat Aunt!

    My grandfather Andrew Francis Thynne was born in 1905 in Lewisham, UK, and came to Canada as a young boy. He married my grandmother Gladys Gray (from Bouremouth) and their daughter Kathleen Thynne is my mother. They also had a daughter Margaret, whom I was named for. They had two sons, Andrew Jr and Neville Thynne as well.

    My grandfather Andrew Thynne was the son of Andrew Christopher Thynne, born 1866 in County Laois, Ireland  (Harriet's brother?). He was the son of James THYNNE born in 1826 in Clare. Could this be the GGG Grandfather we share? James was the son of Andrew Thynne , b approx 1790-Lahinch (Lahensy), Clare, and passed away in Ennistimon, Clare in 1874. He was married to Harriet Burke of Galway,  (1814 Tuam Doicese) and they lived at Streamlet Lodge, Kilshanny, Clare.

    How are you connected to James? Do you know Christina Dowell Fielder? She is also working on this family line.

    I look forward to hearing from you. You may email me directly at

    Sandy (birth name, Margaret Thynne)   British Columbia, Canada


    Thursday 27th April 2017, 06:08PM
  • Dear Margiad & Irene:


    I'm so glad to see that you have made a family connection with the Thynne family in this parish as the name still exists here. 

    I was in Kilshanny several weeks ago with Ireland XO members who also had Kilshanny roots.  Please keep me posted as to your progress.  There is a local history society in the Kilshanny area and I will try to get one of those members to look at your post.  You may hear further information from them through this thread.

    Every best wish to you both with your research!

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 1st May 2017, 09:30AM
  • Dear Tricia:


    If you are planing on travelling to Kilshanny during the summer, please keep us posted as to your plans so that we might assist you with your trip.


    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 8th May 2017, 08:54AM
  •  Hi Jane, I am hoping to visit Kilshanny in a couple of weeks time and intend to stay in Limerick. We will be coming by ferry so will have our own transport. I hope we can meet up with the Thynne family members who still reside in the area and take some photos to send off to Canada. I also hope that someone will have a photo of my Great grandmother Harriet Thynne and perhaps even her brothers and sisters. I have been asked to take photos of the graves of our relatives, are they buried in the churchyard of the church in Kilshanny?






    Wednesday 10th May 2017, 11:38AM
  • Hi Tricia:


    If you email me at:, I will make some enquiries for you as to meeting up with family members.  I know someone in Kilshanny who may be able to assist you.


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 11th May 2017, 09:26AM
  • Hi Jane,


    I have just found a connection with the Thynne family, as my GGGgrandfather John Hallinan went to America with a Thynne from County Clare.  They seemed to live around Kilfenora and his son Thomas Hallinan (who migrated to Australia with his wife Honorah Cooney and their 8 children) was farming land in Kilshany as you know.  Perhaps someone might have come across a Thynne relative who went off to America with a Hallinan??

    Bye for now,



    Pat Hallinan

    Friday 4th August 2017, 06:46AM
  • Hi Sandy,

    I'm Kenneth Thynne, I live in Victoria, Australia.

    Andrew Thynne B:1790 - 1874 is my 4th great-uncle, his brother Edward Thynne B:abt 1809 - 1884 is my 3rd Great-Grandfather.





    Saturday 26th August 2017, 12:42AM
  • Hello Ken, thank you for your message!  Were you descended from Edward Thynne b 1789 and Bridget Fitzgerald b 1810? I don't seem to have an Edward born in 1809 at all, yet I feel my Edward could be your Edward. I have been in touch with Dr. John Thynne Drewe, descended from Edward and Bridget's son Andrew J Thynne, b 1847 and Mary Cairncross, b 1848 born in Queensland, Aus. John and I are a DNA match, and he lives in Brisbane.

    My Grandfather Andrew Thynne, b 1905 in Lewisham, England came to Canada in 1930 approx. and that's where my family lives.  I see you've signed your email Longleat. Do you know if and how our Thynnes are connected to Longleat? 

    I am looking forwrd to hearing from you! Please let me know if you have tested with any of the DNA companies. I have tested with Family Tree DNA and Ancestry. I am also on GEDmatch.   

    Cheers, Sandy



    Saturday 26th August 2017, 11:24PM
  • Hi Sandy,

    Edward Thynne B 1789 is my 3rd Great Grandfather. Had the wrong date on the message.

    I have my tree on Ancestry and have done the DNA.

    I have so far gone back.

    Edward's father - Henry Thynne B: 1770, married to Elizabeth Carroll B:1770.

    Henry's father - Andrew Thynne D: 1788,

    Andrew's Father - John Thynne D:1751, married to Mary O'Loughlen,

    Still looking for the link back to Longleat.  I know of the family moving from Longleat to Co. Clare as landlords. They owned a lot of land. The would send a feast for the workers of those landholdings every Christmas for them.

    Dad went and met with Alexander Thynn at Longleat a number of years ago. Alexander said there was no doubt we are part of that line and they were getting a DNA sample done from Ivo Thynne here in NSW a number of years ago. I will ask about that test.

    I am going to Longleat next July'18.

    From Edward Thynne 1789-1884, I follow:

    Andrew Joseph 1847-1927,

    Andrew James 1881-1966,

    Kenneth Ronald 1918-1961,

    Kenneth Rodney 1946,

    Me, Kenneth Richard 1967.

    I can give you guest access to my tree.

    My email is





    Monday 28th August 2017, 03:57AM
  • Dear All:

    I'm delighted to see and read about all of the connections that are being made on this thread for the Thynne family and their many descendants.  I would like to invite all of you to consider creating a profile for some of the Thynne ancestors in the XO Chronicles feature which is located at the top of the page.  It is very easy to do and you can add as much or as little information as you have togehter with photos.  It is a great way to collaborate and all members will be able to see your ancestor's profile and may be able to further contribute to your research.


    If you have any dificulty with same, please email me at:

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 28th August 2017, 08:00AM
  • Thank you Jane. It's a good idea!



    Tuesday 29th August 2017, 04:05AM
  • Hey Guys, i was researching and came across this post my apparent  7th x  great grandmother was a Hannah Catherine Thynne Born circa 1680  died 1769 born in ireland to a James david thynne and hannah Horton..  She married a James or John Hamilton of Fintragh house in donegal ... Any of this seem Familiar  i know its going way back there but it would be interesting if i could find matches for this ... Im also on gedmatch #JQ630291


    Thanks Cassie..

    Wednesday 12th May 2021, 02:45AM