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POWELLs who migrated to Australia from Tulla, County Clare:

(1) Thomas POWELL:

Thomas POWELL (c1813-1877) and his wife, Susanna POWELL (nee McNAMARA) (c1818-1856), emigrated to Australia age 27 from County Clare, Ireland, on the 'William Metcalfe' on 15 Nov 1839 (Public Records Office Victoria book 2, page 5).  

Thomas POWELL was the son of Cornelius POWELL (1790-?) and Mary MARONEY/MAROONEY who resided in the townland of Affick (then also known as 'Affog'/'Affugg'/'Affogh'/'Affagh') in the parish of Tulla, Co Clare, Ireland. 

The County Clare Council Library has a List of Freeholders [including landlords and tenants] in County Clare, 1821. It includes Thomas POWELL with the place of abode at Affogh, barony of Tulla:

   Tenant                          Freeholder                Place of    Situation of       Landlord                 Barony

                                                                         Abode        Freehold

Surname   Forename  Surname   Forename

POWELL  Thomas      LILLIS        Patrick        Affogh          Affog           RJ FLEMMING         Tulla

POWELL  Thomas     DIGADAN  Michael        Affogh         Affogh          RJ FLEMMING         Tulla

Thomas POWELL's obituary in the 'Geelong Advertiser' records that he was a much respected old colonist, businessman, family man and community supporter.  He was a successful hotelier and brewer in Geelong and Stawell, Victoria. 

(2) Connor POWELL:

Connor POWELL (c1800-1870) and Ellen CAHIR (c1802-1895) and their children (Michael, Patrick, Dennis, Maria, Martin and Margaret), from Tulla, Co Clare Ireland, left London for Melbourne on the 'Neptune', arriving on 29 Mar 1841. They were bounty migrants, introduced into the Colony of Port Phillip by the agent John Marshall of London. 

Connor and Ellen POWELL and their children resided in the townland of Tyredagh in the parish of Tulla, Co Clare, Ireland. The entries of Martin POWEL and Margaret POWEL, their children, in the baptismal register for the parish of Tulla indicate that it was this townland where they lived as at 17 Oct 1837 and 28 June 1840 respectively.

Connor POWELL was a blacksmith.

(3) John POWELL:

Connor and Ellen POWELL were accompanied on their migation to Australia (on the 'Neptune' on 29 Mar 1841) by Ann POWELL (20, laundress), Cornelius POWELL (19 labourer) and John POWELL (18 labourer). It isn't clear what relationship John POWELL was to Connor POWELL but I believe that Connor was John's uncle, he was a son of Cornelius POWELL (1790-?) and brother of Thomas POWELL (c1813-1877).

John POWELL (c1820-1899) married Catherine DONOHUE (c1832-1909) on 27 Jun 1847 at St Mary's Catholic Church, Geelong, Victoria.  His occupation in Australia ranged from a miner, to blacksmith, to labourer and farmer.

(4) Daniel POWELL:

There is another line of POWELLs of County Clare, Ireland, who may be related to the above POWELLs. It is Daniel POWELL, son of James POWELL and Bridget POWELL (nee MARONEY). Daniel, a farmer, was born abt 1824 in County Clare and he died on 15 December 1896 at Clark's Hill, Bungaree, near Ballarat, Victoria. It is possible that Bridget MARONEY and Mary MARONEY were sisters.






















Tuesday 1st May 2012, 09:56AM

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  • Dear Daryl:

    Many thanks for your inquiry re the Powell family from Affick, Tulla.  The Powell family continued to live in Affick up until the 1970s or so.  Their house is still there and there is a family (not related) living there.


    In addition, a member of the Powell family from Affick made a presentation to the Tulla Courthouse Committee several years ago with the gift of seating for the main hall.  There is a plaque at the front door of the Courthouse commemmorating same. 


    I will attach the photo of the plaque for your reference. 


    Many thanks for making contact with us and please don't hesitate to contact us again if you need any further information.


    Kind regards,



    Tulla Clare

    Sunday 6th May 2012, 11:23AM
  • Hi Jane!

    Very excited to get your message and to learn that POWELLs lived at Affick right up to the 1970s.

    There are just so many questions I'd like to raise with you - including whether you are yourself a POWELL or related to the POWELLs, what, if anything, you might know about the relationship between the POWELLS of Affick and those of Tyredagh (Upper), what relationship was it between Cornelius, Connor, Thomas and Daniel POWELL, etc

    My mother was a POWELL and a descendant of the POWELLs of Affick.

    May we please continue to communicate by email.  My email address is I live at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    I would have loved to have seen the photograph of the plaque but I couldn't get the attachment to open for me.  Sorry!

    Kind regards and best wishes

    Daryl Francis MURPHY




    Sunday 6th May 2012, 12:27PM
  • Dear Das,

    don't you just love the Baptismal and marriage registers!!!

     I've been wading through them for some time while trying to sort out Doyles and Hursts who lurk around Rosslara in the Tulla parish, lots of fun.  

    My lot get tangled with Moloneys and Maroneys later on in the 1850's after your lot have left.  

    My issue is the desperate need for an alphabeic index  in the earliest part of the  Tulla register, and infact through the the resest of the Killaloe parishes.

    And i'm trying to avoid paying the 195 Euro charge by the clareresearchcentre.



    ps. oooh have you seen the new ireland prision registers 1790-1924 at family search - go inn thru "location search"



    Monday 2nd July 2012, 09:08PM
  • Hi Kate & Das:

    I read your recent notes and I just thought to let you know that we are hoping to have the baptismal registers online for Tulla before the end of the year.  It is a slow work in progress, but hopefully it will come about.  In the meantime, if you happen to look through the town lands page, I have listed all family names within each town land from griffith's Valuation and the 1901 census.  


    Thanks for your interest in the web page.  If I can be of further assistance, please ask.  





    Tulla Clare

    Thursday 12th July 2012, 01:15AM
  • Thanks so much Jane - i saw the names on Tuesday - and very much appreciated seeing them too!

    Are you serious about the register being on line! That would be magnificent!  Its funny the difference between looking at the micorfilms of a register - you see the whole interweaving - names and places resurfacing - all the sideways stuff that is difficult to get when you are doing a direct "name" search.

    My other difficulty appart from reading the writing and the terrible microfilms - is interpreting it - when i imagine that locals would immediately know that was so and so - for location and for surnames.

    Just recently i've contacted the Clare centre in Corfin - and bitten the bullet and paid the 195 Euro because i was so desperately stuck with the Herst family - no idea where they come from before James surfaces in Rosslara getting married in 1857 - gets trickey when there are no leads and you are looking at a whole county ... very frustrating

    meanwhile there is a family of Doyles to distract myself with

    thanks for all your work




    ps Jane i would love to learn to pray the Our Father in Irish - do you reckon its possible to get an audio on the parish site?


    Thursday 12th July 2012, 10:14AM
  • Hi Kate:


    Youre very welcome.  As we are volunteers and new to this endeavour, we are not always quick to reply o have a ready answer.  However, please feel free to continue to ask questions and we are more than happy to help,  thank you so much for your interest in this project.  I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open re the Doyles of Tulla.  



    Tulla Clare

    Sunday 16th September 2012, 11:46AM