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Patrick McNamara was born Dec 12, 1839 in Ogonnelloe, County Clare; his parents were Daniel McNamara and Mary Margaret Culligan.  He died Feb 28, 1872 and is buried in Altona, Illinois, USA.

He was married to Johanna Kelleher, born June 18, 1845 in Macroom, County Cork, to Patrick Kelleher and Margaret Moylan (presumed of Parish of Doora, County Clare). Johanna died May 27, 1922 in Cortland, New York and is buried next to James Moylan, her uncle, in Whitney Point, NY.

James Moylan was born in Townland of Ballyglass, Parish of Doora (from tombstone) April 15, 1832, died in New York State, USA, May 22, 1905 as a distinguished resident of Center Lisle, NY.

Any additional information or contacts are appreciated.


Saturday 19th November 2016, 07:23PM

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  • Welcome to . . .  Ireland Reaching Out 

    Not sure how we can further assist . . but . . .            search 1851 census . . nil return . .                           

    NOTE above . . . Ptk.McNamara ( 1826) land owner / tenant . .  Ogonnelloe


    Johanna Kelleher . . . search . . . Ancestry.Com


    Joanna KelleherBaptismMay 1845Newcastle, Tipperary and WaterfordPatricius,     + Johanna
    JoannaView RecordJohanna KeleherBaptism6 May 1844Iveleary, CorkJohn,           + Julia
    JuliaView RecordJohanna KeleherBaptism22 Apr 1845Clondrohid, CorkPatrick,        + Honoria
    HanoraView RecordJohanna KeleherBaptism22 May 1845Clondrohid, CorkDaniel,     + Johann


    NO .  . with parents Patrick + Margaret






    I found little of help to you  . . but hope the above will be of some benifit to you . . . 


    You might browse through the ' Catholic Parishes of Ieland ' to be found at 



    Cheers . . . Eamonn.


    Eamonn M. Horan, Volunteer Ireland Reaching Out ☘️

    Sunday 20th November 2016, 12:39PM
  • You may want to consider autosomal DNA testing.

    Eamonn M. Horan, Volunteer Ireland Reaching Out ☘️

    Sunday 20th November 2016, 12:46PM
  • Hi:

    there is a local historian in Ogonnelloe who may be able to help you.  Will you message me at: and I will arrange contact via email.   Kind regards,  Jane 


    Tulla Clare

    Monday 21st November 2016, 06:55PM
  • Thank you Jane; I've sent an email to you today.  Wonder if historian might be Michael O'Gorman, with whom I am in contact, but would be great if also another person.  Best, Patrick


    Saturday 31st December 2016, 09:23PM
  • Eamonn, thank you for the many references, which I will explore in more detail.

    I have done DNA tests at both 23andme, and So far, they have resulted in one definite connection, and about 100 or more possibilities.

    Further to my description above, I am now reasonably confident that Patrick's parents likely lived in Bealkelly (Purdon) on land described in Griffith's Valuation of 1855 as occupied by Denis McNamara.  I suspect that Denis was the brother of Daniel, Patrick's father, and son of John and Susan O'Donnell. See:


    The connection to Bealkelly is from record of baptism of Patrick:

    Microfilm 02476 / 01 | Page 29

    Ogonnelloe; County of Clare; Diocese of Killaloe. Baptisms, Aug. 1839 to Dec. 1839

    Third from the bottom on the right side is listed for 14 Dec 1839, Pat with father Dan McNamara and mother Mary Culligan of Belkelly, with witnesses Pat Culligan and Bridt. Culligan, also of Belkelly.  Patrick’s birthdate is listed on his tombstone as 12 Dec 1839.

    I plan to visit there in fall of 2017.

    go léir is fearr




    Saturday 31st December 2016, 09:44PM
  • I just returned from a month in Ireland, during which time I went to Ogonnelloe, and came as close as I could to the land where Denis McNamara once lived.  Found the Bealkelly House on L81922, built about 1780, nice large house, but haven't been able to find any more details about it.  It doesn't appear in Weir's book on historic houses.

    Can anyone give some information on that house?

    I went to the National Archives of Ireland in person, spoke with the genealogist for two hours, but didn't find the information I sought on the history of the property shown in Griffith's Valuation occupied by Denis McNamara


    Wednesday 11th October 2017, 07:37PM

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  • Hi Patrick:  

    I'm not sure if you got in touch with Michael McNamara.  If not, I will send you his email address. I believe that he will be able to assist you.  

    All the best,  


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 12th October 2017, 04:23PM
  • Yes, Jane, I did speak by phone with Michael McNamara while I was in Ireland last month, and did exchange a couple of emails with him, which were helpful.  Also saw Michael O'Gorman briefly.

    Thanks and best regards,



    Friday 13th October 2017, 10:52PM