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Patrick Hickey and Johanna Coughlin NYC; Whitegate, Ireland

Ok, so now I have nailed down some source documents and information about my Hickey Line. They were from Derrycon, County Clare, Ireland near the County Galway border. In fact, some of that area was part of County Galway until 1869. The Clare Heritage Center was able to provide a cousin with information and now she has passed on that information to me.

My Patrick F. Hickey was born in Derrycon on either November 7th, 20th, or 22nd. He was baptized in Whitegate part of the Mountshannon Parish on 26 Nov 1884. He was registered with the Irish government on 15 Dec. 1884. His parents were William Hickey and Bridget Minogue. Patrick was at least one of 14 children (I have 13 children's names and info) according the Irish Census of his parents household in 1911. Patrick had already immigrated to the U.S. by that time. He was the second oldest child of the family.

I have some good source document information for this family. William Hickey's parents were Patrick Hickey and Ellenora Hayes. Bridget Minogue's parents were Thady (Tim or Timothy) Minogue and Mary Browne. If anyone would like to collaborate, combined forces, and find more of this line, please let me know. I am thinking that the County Clare and Galway may have more information to discover as many of the parishes have held onto their church records and are slowly computerizing them. My email is and my blog is


Monday 20th February 2012, 11:31AM

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  • Hi there,

    Thank you very much for your query to Ireland Reaching Out. The Whitegate you mentioned is the same Whitegate on the Clare/Galway border. There is just the one Whitegate.

    You are more likely to receive more replies if you keep the query open on the message boards rather than in a private email address. Other people in these communities might be viewing your query and the more information other people add to the message, the more likely you will get more information.

    If you know the name of the ship Patrick emigrated on, then you will hopefully be able to find more information about him. This information was generally detailed at the port of arrival rather than the port of departure.

    Have you considered checking land records such as the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38) or Griffith's Valuation (1848-64) for more detailed information?

    Best of luck with your research!

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney


    Monday 20th February 2012, 12:30PM
  • In the spirit of keeping the conversation open, I am related to Hickeys from both sides of the present-day Clare / Galway border. I have not yet found RC parish records and my known relatives emigrated too early for Griffiths valuation or Civil Registration to provide definitive links; a mix of paper trail and DNA matches, however, keep leading back to that same small area. 

    James Hickey (b. abt 1805) "had boats on the River Shannon" with his brother William. He married Hannah Touhy, of a farm family in Rosmore, Ballynakill, Galway. James and Hannah emigrated shortly after the birth of their first child, Mary Bell(e) Hickey, in 1846, settling first in Ohio and then Iowa (USA) by 1856. In 1853 James Hickey advertised for information about his brother-in-law Darby Touhy, age 25, of Rossmore, Galway, last known residence Cincinnati, Ohio. I do not know what happened to Darby, but this gave me the name of the townland (now Rosmore) on Lough Derg. There were both Touhys and Hickeys in that townland in the tithe applotment and GV, and Mary B. Hickey always said she was born in Co. Galway. I feel comfortable saying that Hannah Touhy was from Rossmore, but my Touhy DNA matches, and other matches with no known surname in common, seem to be clustered along the coastline of Lough Derg from about Coose to Meelick. In one case there is a direct Touhy link between Clonrush Whitegate and Rosmore. Other matches are simply "County Galway" or even Tipperary, and given James Hickey's occupation I do not feel confident that his family was from this same small area.

    I suspect that the connection is one generation earlier than my matches and I have records at this point. Possible surnames include, but are not limited to, Hogan, Goonan, Guinane, and Minogue. I have sent off for more U.S. records that may give Hannah Touhy's or a niece Mary Hickey (William's daughter) mothers' names.


    I would be very interested to compare DNA results from anyone who might be related.

    Julie in Ohio

    Thursday 19th June 2014, 03:32PM
  • Julie I have read your entry and am linked to both Goonan and Tuohy from the places you mention. I have seen a headstone online for a Darby Tuohy in that area who may be the one you mentioned. I have also seen the names you mention. I do not have DNA though. I have 2 marriages in my tree to Tuohy. One family was from Coos with Martin Tuohy 1786 - 1870?and wife Mary Goonan Tuohy 1818 - 1920 and do have AMerican links for sure and one came here. The other had several members migrate to Aust of which I am one. I am trying to trace a Darby Goonan whose parents were Michael and Mary of Manchester. His cousin was Michael Tully as listed in deposit journals in NSW. I cannot find out how they were cousins, but in that research there was an ANne Hickey who came out with her husband Jeremiah Broderick. Her parents are listed as John Hickey and Mary Long of Woodford. Jeremiah's parents were Ann Calvin and John Broderick.If I can help further make contact. My gg grandmother Bridget Tuohy was daughter of Patrick and Margaret nee Rooney. There are other Tuohy's as well I am told.


    Thursday 15th January 2015, 03:32AM
  • I have finally come back to this site and found my old post from 2012.  My Hickey's were from Derrycon (see my original post above about Patrick F Hickey) but the generation back was from Loughatorick, Galway (William Hickey and Ellenora Hayes), which is right along the border of Clare and not far from Derrycon.  I have Hayes from near that same location.  They would have part of the Woodford Parish.  I have some information buried in a box and could swear Touhy's are sponsors to various baptisms.  My Minogue's seem to orginate in Derrycon - Bridget and her parents although I have been told that previous generations were probably from Woodford Parish, also.  A few years back, I had someone contact me from a post on this or another site who knew all of these connections.  That person lives in Ireland and I could swear that last name was O'Brien.  I'm sure I have an email somwhere from her but I have a mountain of research and emails to get through.  Keeping this open in hopes of finding out a bit more informaion.  I do have some likely Hickey line information posted to Ancestry that goes back a bit further in time.  


    Wednesday 15th August 2018, 04:41AM