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Hello fellow searchers,


I believe, through things said by family years ago, Either our Great Great Grandfather and his family immigrated to Canada from County Cork. also his wife also immigrated from Ireland and we think they came from county Omagh.

William McConnell (sorry no middle name) was born in circa 1805 in ireland (we think in county Cork) and ended up in Leeds county Ontario with wife Mary Clendenning (Parents John Clendenning & Elizabeth Bell Clendenning) whom she immigrated to Canada with.

We think Mary Clendenning was born in Couny Maugh (sorry if this is spelled wrong)

The lack of middle names is such a problem, and I am sure McConnell is as common over there as Smith or Jones is here. So I have little hope of finding anyone.  We don't have any photos of my paternal side before grandfather and only 3 photos of him.

My maternal side was also from Ireland, Tyrone county. my email is





McConnell and/or Johnston Irish Family Names

Saturday 19th March 2016, 07:33PM

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  • I am slightly confused by the information you have given. You start by saying that the family may have come from county Omagh. Omagh is a town in Co. Tyrone. It’s the county town. On the other hand we have a Co. Armagh, which is pronounced much like Omagh. Did you perhaps mean Armagh?

    Then you say that you think William McConnell was born in Cork (which is at the other end of Ireland from Omagh and Armagh), and his wife Mary Clendenning was born in Couny Maugh which, to me, might be Connemara, which is a region in Co. Galway in the far west of Ireland. (Which makes me wonder how husband and wife would have met).

    Can you clarify this? Also, what denomination were the family?

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 19th March 2016, 08:14PM
  • We have been told our William McConnell Sr. was born in Cork ? in Ireland. He at sometime immigrated to southern Ontario Canada. His wife Mary Clendenning was also born in Ireland, it is said that she came from (I guess then it is probably Armagh, Ireland and at some point she, Mary Clendenning and her parents and siblings immigrated to southern Ontario.  They may have know each other in Ireland, It is not inconceivable.  They were Married at some point in the records. So they could have been married before they left Ireland or married in Ontario. they had 9 children, my great grandfather (Also) William McConnell Jr.

    McConnell and/or Johnston Irish Family Names

    Sunday 20th March 2016, 07:26PM
  • I do appologize , I am from Canada, so I am not really well educated on your counties and such in Ireland. I have never been there, so you must excuse me if, there is some confusion in my post, that is because I have very little information to go on, But one has to start somewhere>

    McConnell and/or Johnston Irish Family Names

    Sunday 20th March 2016, 07:29PM