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I am having difficulty understanding Griffith's Valuation.  My family is from Kilnaclasha.  It states that they occupied the areas on the map designated by numbers 15a, 15b, 17 and 18b.  However, I do not see these corresponding numbers on the map within the boundries of Kilnaclasha.  Am I reading the map and/or valuation wrong?  Any help is appreciated.


Sheena Donovan


Monday 21st March 2016, 02:08PM

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  • Sheena,

    The Griffiths on-line maps are not entirely contemporaneous with the valuation records and you do sometimes see minor differences where properties have been split or amalgamated between the one and the other. However it’s unusual for 7 or 8 properties to be missing as appears to be the case here. 12 seems to be the top number but there should be 19 properties in the townland.

    You sometimes get townlands with a separate isolated bit some distance away from the main bit. When that happens you usually see it named as “Kilnaclasha (part of)” or similar. Have a look at the general area on the Griffiths maps and see if there is an isolated parcel of land like that with the missing properties. Apart from asking locally, I haven’t any other ideas as to how you would find where the farms might be.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 21st March 2016, 02:39PM


    Thank you so much for looking into this for me. I thought I was going crazy! I do have an email into the Skibbereen Heritage Center. Just one more roadblock!





    Monday 21st March 2016, 09:53PM
  • Hi Sheena,

    There are very useful historic maps available to vie on the Mapviewer at OSI.IE website.

    If there is anything I can do for you on family history, I have all the records from Skibbereen and general West Cork area.

    Frank Fahy

    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Tuesday 12th September 2017, 09:26PM
  • Frank,

    I am always looking for extra assistance!  When I was in Skibbereen last year, it was suggested I look at the valuation books in Dublin to work closer to the 1900's.  However, because that was the end of my trip, I couldn't find the time.

    I have posted most of my family information on the main board.  In addition, Mary Donovan was a McCarthy, and when Patrick Donovan passed in 1898 a witness was Julia McCarthy.  I do believe I found their burial plot in Abbeystrowry.  I still cannont find Michael and John.

    When I visited, I did go over to the land in Maulbrack which I believed to be in the family at some point in time.  This land included the Hollybrook Mill and also some land beside what was called "Couples' Cottage" or "Cottage for Couples."

    As far as Kilnaclasha goes, I'm still unsure of the land there.

    Thank you for reaching out to me, and any  information is appreciated.

    Sheena Donovan




    Wednesday 13th September 2017, 01:01PM

    Hi Sheena

    Can you provide me with some positive information you have regarding any couple in the family you are inquiring about in order that I have a positive point to start from. Perhaps a marriage or a baptism where the male's name and the female's maiden name is shown. An address or Townland would also be a great help.

    I will be more than happy to help you if you can provide some information as above. I have any information you may require on Townland's such as Kilnaclasha thet you mentioned and all the townlands of West Cork as well.

    Frank Fahy

    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Friday 29th September 2017, 10:00PM
  • Frank,

    Patrick Donovan and Mary McCarthy were married in 1860 Skibbereen and had the following children

    Johannah 1861,  Michael 1862, James 1864, Patrick 1866, John 1868, Daniel 1871 and Jeremiah 1873.

    Of the first six children listed the address within Skibbereen was Lakelands - which correctly known as Kilnaclasha, Skibbereen and Jeremiah's address was given as Hollybrook - which correctly known as Maulbrack, Skibbereen.

    It seems the family may have moved on the lands of Hollybrook estate after the their fifth child was born and their last child was born when they were in Hollybrook.

    Patrick Donovan (father) died in the fall of 1898.

    Mary (Mother) – arrived in NYC May 6th, 1899 aboard the Britannic; departed from Queenstown (Cobh); arrived with 23-year-old son Jeremiah; last known residence Hollybrook; traveling to Johnstown, Pennyslvania.

    Johannah – arrived in America in 1883?; never married

    James – arrived in America in 1890?

    Patrick – arrived in America 1888?; never married

    Daniel – arrived in America 1892; married Mary McPadden (Paddone, Paddon); my direct descendant

    Jeremiah – arrived in NYC with mother (see above); married Ellen O’Brien (also of Skibbereen?)

    *I have been unable to track John and Michael.

    This family settled in Johnstown, Pennyslvania beside another Donovan family who I assume to be an an uncle of the children.  Johanna and Patrick never married and continued to live in Johnstown until their deaths.  

    I do have marriage and baptismal records for Patrick and Mary and all the children respectively.  I also have Patrick's death record.  I am still having trouble finding land in Kilnaclasha, and I was not able to get to the records in Dublin last year.  Also, I am still stumped by John and Michael.  

    Thank you for reaching out to me, Frank.


    Sheena Donovan  



    Monday 2nd October 2017, 12:08PM