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Hello all  - I am looking for some more info on my 2x great grandmother Mary Sullivan and my 3x great grandparents Patrick Sullivan and Mary Collins. Here is what I have - I think it is Mary's catholic baptism (hard to read the image) 10 July 1839 Kilkilleen, Aghadown, Cork, Ireland and a baptism of what looks to be a brother Danial same location 19 Sept 1841. (no record of Danial after this so maybe there is a death record some where?) There should also be a Thomas Sullivan born 1843 or 44 but have not found him for sure. In 1846 or 47 they are in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, USA  (2 kids born before 1950) and Mary and Thomas are listed in the 1850 census with their mother and 2 younger siblings born in the US. Whole family is together after that in the US. I have not found any immigration records yet.

I have a marriage record for Patrick and Mary 24 April 1838 Caheragh; County of Cork; Diocese of Cork and Ross. - So I am hoping for someone who can read the real record for Mary Sullivan and confirm it is indeed her and if there is a baptismal record for Thomas to better tie the family together. Also any more records on Patrick and Mary - would love to know their parents names or where they might have lived. Or any siblings? I have an unconfirmed suggestion that Mary was born in Lissane, Caheragh, County Cork. Ireland (not sure what they meant)  I know that these places are pretty close to each other but where might they have lived and would they have been married in one place and baptized kids in another? 

I have traced one of my other Irish lines to an actual location (church and townland) up in County Mayo and would be great to do the same here. Plan to have geneology trip to Ireland in the next few years and would be so nice to see actual locations. Thanks so much for any help you can give.

Roberta Casey



Sunday 7th Aug 2022, 10:04PM

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  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 12:16AM
  • Roberta,

    On the site under the church records section, there might be a few clues. On their marriage record of 1838, it gives Patt Sullivan's address as "Tinne", but if you look at the original record, it looks like "Lissane" to me. I could be wrong though. Lissane is a townland in Caheragh, Cork. Additionally, on that same website, there is a birth record for Mary Collins of Caheragh born 25 Dec 1818, and her parents are Patt Collins and Joa Sullivan. The suggestion that Mary might be from Lissane is perhaps accurate. Other than the fact that Caheragh and Aghadown are adjacent, I cannot speculate why their children's baptismal records are from Kilkilleen, Aghadown. 


    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 07:38AM

    Hi Roberta,

    I am Frank Fahy Volunteer for the parishes mentioned, Careragh & Aughadown. I will check out your query within the next two days and get back to you with any info gained. Sorry for delay but I am quite busy but will find or make the time to deal with your query your query.

    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 11:07AM
  • Roberta, 

    There is a record for a Thoms Sullivan born N/R February 1844 in Kilkilleen, Augahdown with parents listed as Patrick (no surname) and Mary Collins. Sponsors are Patrick Hong and Mary Regan. This record can be seen on the free site under the church records tab. 


    Monday 8th Aug 2022, 10:00PM
  • Carolyn and Frank THANKS to both of you. Frank - no worries on the delay - after well over 150 years, another few days is not a problem. Carolyn - good call on the fact that it looks like Lissane and thanks for finding Thomas and a possible Mary. I was picking the Irish records up again after a few years and now options are showing up for searching. I will do some more looking around.


    Roberta from Minnesota


    Tuesday 9th Aug 2022, 03:33AM
  • Hi Roberta,

    had a few minutes to spare to have an initial look at the Marriage record of Pat & Mary in Caheragh Parish on 24 April 1838. The Townland name of Lissane is also recorded there.  By tradition and practice, the Bride is usually married in the Parish of their birth/baptism and at the time would have had to get permission to marry elsewhere. All this indicates indicates that Mary was born in Lissane and baptised & Married in Caheragh. I will check to see if I can find a Baptism record later tomorrow. 

    By the way, in my first Post i mispelt Caheragh and this was an error but while the modern spelling is Caheragh, in the Church records, particularly in,  the name is spelled Caharagh and you will get very few or no results if you use the modern spelling,

    I have found four Mary Collins Baptised in Caheragh Parish in the year span 1819 - 1823 but unfortunately, no Lissane or other address that could be deciphered as Lissane recorded.

    Sorry for all the negative info but i only write up what I am sure of and do not speculate on what it might have been. I will continue to look for some time yet,

    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Tuesday 9th Aug 2022, 10:37PM
  • Frank - it is reality. 4 possible sets of parent is better than none. I still have not found any death records for them in the US. . . so there is hope that I make more connection. Let me know if you find anything else. 




    Wednesday 10th Aug 2022, 03:23AM
  • Hi Roberta, 

    My mistake for not finding all five of the Mary Collins from Caharagh! I do see the four mentioned by Frank, but I wonder if two can be eliminated because they have addresses mentioned.."Cahaigh" for the 1823 record and "Kune" for the July 1821 record. While I know that the Irish naming conventions are not always accurate, I do think they hold some potential...the Jan 1821 record has Thomas for Mary's father's name, and her second son, according to you, was Thomas. I searched for Patrick's birth record between 1816 & 1823, also in Caharagh; and found two...1819 and one on 24 Apr 1821...and his father's name is Daniel, mother Mary Crowly. You state that their first born son was Daniel. I realize Patrick might not be from Carharagh...just thought I'd take a look.

    I too have Caharagh Dromore. Spent some time driving all over beautiful south west Cork this past May! I hope these possibilities give you something to go on.  


    Thursday 11th Aug 2022, 06:26AM

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