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Hi I will be staying in Ballyvourney for 1 week in early September. I believe I have some Kelleher and Riordan family graves in Ballyvourney cemetery. Does anyone know how large this Cemetary is. I would like to find my family graves. I will also be visiting the old Clondrohid Cemetary as my grandfather is buried there. I do not have a car so will be relying on public transport. If anyone could give me advice on how to get around the area without a car I would be very grateful. Thanks





Friday 5th Aug 2016, 11:16PM

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  • Hi, husband Tim Herlihy and I visited Ballyvourney from Australia in May 2016. We have Kelleher connections. It is a lovely place with wonderful historic connections and wonderful current day attractions like good food and friendly welcoming people. There is a new (RC) church in the Main Street with a cemetery behind it, but you probably want to go to the old cemetery which has the original stone church with the roof now open to the skies and also a later protestant church, which might or might not be in use.  The old cemetery is a lovely place with a statue of St Gobnait near the remains of what was her house, and on the way you pass the 'holy' well which was probably pre St Gobnait but re badged as her well. There is a 'Stations' circuit there which is followed at least once a year for St Gobnait.  Do you know her story? The Herlihys (who were already there in Ballyvourney) were converted to Christianity by St Gobnait around 550AD, and gave her some land for a church and allocated a few family members as protectors.  Sadly there are few Herlihys there now - their lands were taken during Cromwell's time - there were more when we first visited in 2003. Some Kellehers and Herlihys went across to the USA together and intermarried there - maybe Seattle? Though one lot we are in touch with once removed (Frank Herlihy) were in Chicago.

    We had a car, and met a relation with a car, so sorry can't suggest transport.  We stayed at Peggy Twomey's B&B, 'Weston House', which we thoroughly recommend for Irishness and Peggy has been running it for 40 years so what she doesn't know about Ballyvourney is hardly worth knowing - I'd ask her about transport!  She was helpful with where to buy things and the doctor etc etc etc. The Mills, Ballyvourney, Macroom. P12 AH39  phone: +353 (0) 26 450 97.  Mobile +353 (0) 86 167 8388. We didn't use email but the entry in the B&B book says  there is an email: and a website, but I couldn't get the website to come up just now. 

    I suggest you email Tim's Herlihy Uncle (Pat Herlihy) at or since he has written a book called Ballyvourney 3501.  He is the relative we met there who showed us around, but he lives in England.  He is in touch with Herlihys and relations in Ireland. He might know the Kelleher connections or graves, or be able to suggest something. 

    Have a lovely time - we intend to return to Ballyvourney if possible - it was one of our best experiences on our last trip.


    I'll post some pics if I can figure out how; not if not!!


    All the best

    Paula & Tim Herlihy,

    Melbourne Australia

    Paula Herlihy

    Sunday 7th Aug 2016, 01:53AM
  • Hi Again, on re-reading, realise I should have said, just ask for directions, but the new Church and cemetery are on the Main Street, and easy to see from a car or bus or walking.

    The Old cemetery is accessed by crossing the river (which runs through Ballyvourney) on a narrow single lane bridge and following that road past ancient moss covered stone walls and the Well as described above until you reach the St Gobnait shrine area, the old cemetery and Church etc.  In 2016 it was well kept and well marked, less so in 2003, so it was cuter to us then!!




    Paula and Tim

    Paula Herlihy

    Sunday 7th Aug 2016, 02:29AM

    Thanks for this Paula.


    I know Macroom and Clondrohid as I stayed in Macroom for a week last time I was in Cork and have been to Clondrohid a number of times. As that is my father's family are from. The Townland of Garranenaguppal is there home, they are Kellehers. My grandmother was an O'Riordan and my great grandmother was a Kelleher as well. I have only recently found out that my grandmother and great grandmother were from Ballyvourney and I have never been there. I thought I would explore the area and try to find my relatives Townland's. I will definitely contact your cousin, if you think he will not mind. Funny enough I also live in England. I look forward to seeing your photos. Thanks again Johanna 





    Sunday 7th Aug 2016, 05:51PM
  • Sorry, my photos wouldn't load.  I thought perhaps they were too big, although they were less than 8MB, so I cut them down to under 1 MB and they still didn't load.  Sorry!  I'll try again when a get some spare time to think. I actually have troublew logging on here too - it doesn't recognise my original log in so I've been logging in with my Facebook account to speak to you.  Again I need more time to sort it out as it is so slow and everything you need on the page needs scrolling to get to it!


    Sorry about the pics.



    Paula Herlihy

    Tuesday 9th Aug 2016, 02:49AM

    That's fine thanks for trying I emailed your relative but have had no reply yet. Johanna 



    Tuesday 9th Aug 2016, 07:13PM
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    He can take a while to respond.


    I think the pic uploaded!  Paula

    Paula Herlihy

    Wednesday 10th Aug 2016, 01:42AM
  • See the attached file above - DSCO1028cut  - this is the old cemetery, taken from the St Gobnait statue area earlier this year (2016)  Paula


    Paula Herlihy

    Wednesday 10th Aug 2016, 02:14AM

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