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I believe my great grandfather, Richard Burke & my great grandmother, Mary Baker (Burke) were from this parish. I know that he had a brother, John. After doing my research, I believe there was also a sister. In my comparisons for common parents, I believe they were Richard Burke & Norry (Honora) Cronin.  In the records I have researched, Richard, I believe is listed as William. I know that first names are not always completely reliable & often last names may have a variety of spellings although similar enough to know that it's the same. My great grandfather had a niece that returned to Ireland. Her name was Cecelia/Celia Burke & that her married name was Cannon. Richard & Mary immigrated in 1865. I don't know when Cecelia returned to Ireland. I would imagine it would have been in the late 1800's but I'm not sure. She was born in the mid to late 1860's. If there is any information about any of them, I would appreciate knowing. Thanks for your time.



Monday 11th Nov 2013, 12:27AM

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