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Crowleys danganmore bandon

Good afternoon. I hope this finds you well.
When you get a chance I hope you or some of your followers might be able to help me.
I am tracing my fathers family genealogy and have hit a bit of a wall!
My great grandfather was Patrick Crowley from Danganmore, Bandon co cork and was born approx 1867. In the 1901 Irish census, he was listed with his mother Ellen (nee o Brien) and his two brothers Dan & Timothy and their sister Mary.
I have found all the siblings except Dan who is not listed in the 1911 census. Their mother Ellen died in May 1905.
My father heard that Dan moved to America but they never heard from him again and no one knows where he actually went or if he survived.
I would love it if anyone could shed some light on Dans life or have any information.

Geraldine McCarthy

Monday 6th April 2020, 01:58PM

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  • Hi Geraldine,

    I was asked by Jane Halloran Ryan to help you with your query.

    From the beginning I have a problem with the Townland you gave for Patrick and family. I cannot find a Townland with the name  Danganmore in Bandon or anywhere else in Cork County. either on the Census or any of the genealogy websites  Would you please send me a link to the Census entry you referred to where Ellen and family were found.

    I need that or a link to anywhere Danganmore Bandon is mentioned before I can even think about a search which will be thorough.

    Asap please.

    Frank Fahy


    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Wednesday 8th April 2020, 10:09PM
  • Good morning Frank

    Thank you for replying, the townland of danganmore is under the electoral area of Baurleigh in bandon. 
    They were in house no 4 according to the census record

    Apologies I cannot seem to attach the link from my phone but I was able to go in and search the census records just now again and find the information. Maybe if you choose baurleigh first it gives all the townlands from where Danganmore can be chosen. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions 

    Geraldine McCarthy 

    Geraldine McCarthy

    Thursday 9th April 2020, 07:59AM
  • Bonjour all,

    I, too, am searching Crowleys from Bandon. Notably: Susanna Crowley 1785 - 1861 .  She and her husband John Burke (born in Bandon) 1783-1864 departed Ireland (abt. 1820)  with their 7 

    children (also born in Bandon) for Canada and settled there.



    Wednesday 22nd April 2020, 10:14AM