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My Great-Great-Great Grandfather (3rd Great Grandfather) on my Paternal side appears to have been born in the parish of Blarney, probably in the 1780's.  I base this on a posting in the Parish Register of St. Finbar's Church, South Parish in Cork City.  His marriage listing to Johanna Scannell lists him as "Corns Lyons with license certificate from Blarney".  I'm assuming this is to certify that he was baptised Catholic in the parish of Blarney.  Does anyone have information of a Lyons family in Blarney?  



Steve Lyons

So. Easton, MA, USA


Thursday 23rd February 2017, 03:21PM

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  • Hi Steve , maybe you have already seen the posting on the message board recently about the Dripsey Ambush, re Lyons on the Parish of Aghabulloge. Might not be a relative at all, however I am looking at it because my family O'Callaghan is linked to both Blarney  and Aghabulloge and both a Lyons and O'Callaghan were involved in the event. Anyway I thought I  would just mention it, in case it is of intererst. Good luck.Shirley






    Friday 24th February 2017, 09:42AM