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Hi all, 

I am researching my family history and hope someone can help me....

I am looking for any and all information, birthplace, parents, for an Ellen Roche and James Fitzgerald married 2nd March 1824 at St Mary's RC, Buttevant.

They had a daughter Ellen who married Peter Curley and had a daughter Serah. She Ellen Curly nee Fitzgerald then had an illegitimate child to Amos Brooks whom she killed at 2 months old and then was tried and deported to Tasmania.


Belinda Curtis

Saturday 17th Sep 2016, 04:38AM

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  • Ellen Curley nee Fitzgerald also had brothers James and John listed on her convict records. I would love to also know of her brothers and perhaps sisters, and of course am also interested in where a outs of Serah Curley. It was stated she was given to Ellen's mother when she was deported to Tasmania. So Serah Curley would have lived with James Fitzgerald And Ellen Fitzgerald nee Roche around 1850 when Ellen Curley nee Fitzgerald was deported.




    Belinda Curtis

    Saturday 17th Sep 2016, 11:09AM
  • Links and other info list other children to James Fitzgerald and Ellen Roche... And I also wonder Serah Curley is renamed Ellen Junior, as it appears there was another Ellen much later in some records I have read. I would love solid links and info if anyone is a relative or has documents from the area.



    Belinda Curtis

    Saturday 17th Sep 2016, 11:15AM
  • Belinda:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I will e-mail our parish liaison for Buttevant parish and alert her to your message.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 17th Sep 2016, 01:30PM
  • Belinda,  I was interested in this post because my ancestor, Michael Roche (we believe) was from Doneraile, which is next to Buttevant. He was born about 1795, he married Mary Lyons, Febuary 3,1818 in the RC Catholic Church in Doneraile. The fact that there is only six years between their marriages and lived so close to each other. And the fact that Michael's first child's name was Ellen, there  is a chance they could have been closeley related. There is no birth or death information on Michael. I know both tne name Roche and the name Ellen were very common in this area, but I thought it would be worth sending this to you.




    Saturday 17th Mar 2018, 01:10PM
  • Since I am new to this message board and I am looking for any information on my ancestor Michael Roche from Doneraile in the late 1700's or early 1800's, I extend an invitation to anyone to email me about this Roche family. My email address is: Thanks, Bob Roche




    Saturday 17th Mar 2018, 01:17PM
  • Hi Bob, thanks for posting...highly likely that they were related. I shall soon get back into researching again and will keep you informed if I find anything solid. Thanks for your extra information.. it may help the hunt..Best wishes Belinda 




    Belinda Curtis

    Monday 19th Mar 2018, 10:46AM
  • Check out the Facebook group - Female Convicts Research Centre There is a photo of Ellen Curly Fitzgerald posted there on todays dateZ

    Wednesday 19th Apr 2023, 12:27PM
  • Thanks, Belinda,

    This is very interesting. I wish I could find out if this Ellen Roche is the daughter

    of Mary Lyons and Michael Roche from Doneraille. I would like to see the marriage certificate.

    Bob Roche


    Thursday 20th Apr 2023, 07:56PM

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