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Searching these families in Castletownroche, County Cork


Wednesday 4th Jul 2012, 09:06PM

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  • Hi--Just wanted to let you know that no families are listed in your message.  Perhaps you could post them again.


    Friday 6th Jul 2012, 04:57PM
  • I thought I had put them in the blocks listed but here they are again - Mehigan, Bushe, Duane, Joyce, Scully, Deherty, Murphy, O'Keeffe


    Friday 6th Jul 2012, 05:20PM
  • Thanks--Have the names now here and in your other message.


    Friday 6th Jul 2012, 05:28PM
  • Hi there,

    Could you please provide some additional information, such as dates, etc. This will help people to identify and find out information for you.

    There are Roman Catholic church records available for the diocese of Castletownroche (Cloyne). These date from 1811 for both baptismal and marriage records. You can find these at the National Library of Ireland, Pos. 4995; b.1835-, m.1845-, 4996. If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for more assistance. You could also try this website:

    There is a book by Tim Cadogan called 'Tracing your Cork ancestors', 1998.

    Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Genealogist (Ireland XO)



    Friday 13th Jul 2012, 03:46PM
  • Here is the Mehigan hsstory I have accumulated to date.Christopher, the last person to hold the title of “The O’Meighan”.  (born about 1637) married Margarita O’Reilly and they had five sons - James Anthony (1675), Charles (1676), Rourke (1680), Patrick Molaise (1683), and William Alexander (1685). They lived in the Ballaghmeighan area of County Leitrim. Christopher was an officer in the army of James II and was killed in the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

    After the Battle of the Boyne, Margarita and the three youngest sons left Ballaghmeehan and settled on a farm called Kilcoran in County Tipperary which was obtained for them by a family friend. James Anthony and Charles continued with Sarsfield’s army until its surrender at Limerick. They then joined the forces going to France to continue the fight with King Louis XIV.

    James (Jacques) served with distinction in French armies. He married Elizabeth Russel and they had two children – Jacques and Guillaume (William) Alexandre

    Guillaume was a writer and political activist who actually spent some time in the Bastille. Fortunately for me he didn’t lose his head.

    In 1763 Guillaume married another writer, Charlotte Therese Boitel, and they had a son, Jean Joseph. After Guillaume’s death in 1766, Charlotte and the infant Jean Joseph (John Joseph) joined the rest of the family at Kilcoran. Kilcoran is only twenty miles from Castletownroche over the Galtee mountains.

    Church records do not seem to exist before the early 1800’s  The first Mehigan I find in Castletownroche is Robert Mehigan, who I believe for a number of reasons is the son of Jean Joseph.Robert was married to Julia Keefe. One of their sons, Daniel, is my g-g-g-grandfather. He married Julia ( or Judith) Murphy. One of their sons, Garrett, married Johanna Duane. One of their sons, John Joseph, emigrated to Cambridge Massachusetts and married Elizabeth Bushe, also from Castletownroche. John and Elizabeth are my grandparents. When I visited Castletownroche three years ago I met a number of Mehigan and Bushe descendants, including John Mehigan of Ballygrillihan townland and his son Brendan. . Later I’ll summarize what I know about my Bushe line. I live in a suburb of Atlanta Georghia USA.


    Friday 13th Jul 2012, 07:09PM
  • The line I am currently researching is that of my g-g-g- grandmother Margaret Scully, who married William Joyce in the Roman Catholic church in Castletownroche County Cork February 7, 1823 with witnesses James Magner and Robert Mehigan. The only possible Margaret born in Cork or Tipperary at about the right time was baptized December 14, 1802 in St. Mary's parish, Clonmel , father John Scully, mother Catherine Brien, sponsors John Hearn and Maria Daniel , Priest J.F. There is a John Scully listed in the 1826 Tithe Applotment listing for Castltownroche in Castletown, land 0 acres, 0 rods, 13 perches, value one pound, ten shillings per acre,, total value 2 shillings, 5 pence, a kitchen garden of good quality.

    There were some other Margaret Scullys of proper age but they were further away from Castletownroche.

    Church Baptism     Scully                    Margaret      1789  Co. Dublin  

    Church Baptism     Scully                    Margaret      1789  Co. Kildare 

    Church Baptism     Scully                    Margaret      1802  Co. Waterford       

    Church Baptism     Scully                    Margaret      1797  Co. Waterford       

    Church Baptism     Scully                   Margaret      1804  Co. Dublin  

    Church Baptism     Scully                    Margaret      1804  Co. Waterford       

    Church Baptism     Scully                    Margaret      1805  Co. Laois    

    Church Baptism     Schully                  Margaret      1807  Co. Dublin  

    Church Baptism     Scully                    Margaret      1807  Co. Laois

    I wooould appreciate any further inforrmation on Margaret and her family.


    Bob Meehan



    Friday 13th Jul 2012, 10:36PM
  • WOW....Awesome site!

    Searching for KENNY family.

    My g grandmother Margaret Kenny born in Ireland about 1852. (Not certain of birthplace in Ireland). She married Dennis Riordan "of Limerick" in San Francisco California United States in 1872.  Dennis died in 1876.  Margaret died in 1887. Both in San Francisco.

    Margaret's sister Mary Kenny born in Castletownroche about 1848.  (Mary's obituary gave Castletownroche as birthplace.)  She married Jeremiah Coakley before 1872. They are living in San Francisco when Mary died 1876.

    Jane Kenny born about 1850 - sister to Margaret and Mary - married in Ireland to Thomas O'Shea before 1874. Thomas and Jane immigrated to Chicago, USA after 1890.

    Castletownroche Ireland is the only clue I have regarding my Kenny family.  I am just beginning my research and would appreciate any information.....

    Sinead Cooney - on this site - gave me several ideas regarding available records .  THANK YOU SINEAD!

    Barbara Bingham

    Thursday 31st Jan 2013, 06:40AM

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