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I am searching for information on the McCarthy and Cuddigan family from Ballycroneen. John Cuddigan was born around 1785 and married Ellen McCarthy around 1826-7. They had Johanna (1827), William (1829), Michael (1831), John (1832), Mary (1833), Patrick (1836), Thomas (1838), and another Johanna in (1841). I assume that the first Johanna died as a young child or infant. I know that John, Mary, Patrick, and Thomas came to the U.S. around 1850. It looks like William, Michael, and Johanna may have stayed back in Ireland. There is a William at Ballycroneen that married in 1849 and had a number of children through 1860. There is another William that pops up in American but he looks to be the son of a Cuddigan-Upton marriage at Tullough. there is also a Michael from Ballycroneen who married in 1849 as well. I can find no reference to a Johanna in either America or Cloyne after her birth. 

It appears that they were related to Crotty's and that a Jeremiah Crotty went to the U.S. around the mid-1820's. Cuddigans trickled to the states after with the bulk of them arriving around 1850. Jeremiah Crotty did very well for himself and began a town in Illinois. By 1860 most of the Cuddigans had congrated in Crotty (now Seneca) Illinois along with several other Cork families such as the Powers family. I am both interested in the line of the family that remained in Cork (apparently the family was in the line of butchering. John whom I am descended from was listed as a butcher in the army and my grandmother visited cousins who had a butcher shop in the 1980's) and how we are related. I am also interested in the reasons why a number of siblings left. They look to have been doing well enough despite the famine so I imagine the draw of possible opportunity pulled them. If anyone has any information on Cuddigans or McCarthys in Cloyne I would be most appreciative. I am also looking for information on Powers and McNamara families from Glenanemore, Imogeela, Cork.

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Sunday 3rd Jan 2021, 08:46PM

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    Welcome to IrelandXO Heather,


    I read with interest your query above.  I may have a contact for you in relation to the above mentioned families.
    could you send us your email address and we will put you in touch with each other.


    kind regards and stay safe.


    Thursday 7th Jan 2021, 09:34PM
  • Phyl,

    I would be very grateful for any help. My email is

    Thank you very much.



    Friday 8th Jan 2021, 04:26PM

    Hi Heather,

    Lovely to hear back from you. I have forwarded your details.
    Do keep in touch and let us know of all the discoveries you uncover.

    Take care and stay safe


    Saturday 9th Jan 2021, 01:59PM
  • Hi Heather,

    Cuddigans still live in Ballycroneen. There were Cuddigan butchers in Cloyne Town. The Cuddigans in Ballycroneen originally came from West Cork with the surname Cadogan. They changed it to Cuddigan. Tere are lots of McCarthys around Cloyne. I am attaching two jpegs.

    I will also pass your message and email onto my brother who may be able to help you further.

    Cloyne Cork

    Wednesday 14th Apr 2021, 10:20PM
  • Heather 

    Forgot to add my name to reply!

    kevin Terry

    Cloyne Cork

    Wednesday 14th Apr 2021, 10:22PM

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