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Greetings from the USA.

Researching Michael Millerick (b 1820) and Margaret FitzGibbon (b 1825) who were wed 23 January 1847 in Ballynona North, County Cork with James FitzGibbon and William Millerick as witnesses.

Three children born to them:

William Millerick (1847)

Bridget Millerick (1850)

Philip Millerick (1852)

The family emigrated to the USA in 1867

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Margaret FitzGibbon was a cousin to Thomas FitzGibbon who went on to become Rev. Dr. Edwin FitzGibbon, Capuchin monk and sponsor of the FitzGibbon Cup for hurling.

Cannot seem to find any information on parents or siblings of either of these FitzGibbon cousins, nor the Millerick family. Have hit a dead end in my research in Ireland and wondering if anyone might have a suggestion of where else to look. Thanks for your time.


Friday 17th February 2017, 12:03AM

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  • Herself44:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Ballynona North townland is in Dungourney civil parish

    I located this 1820 baptismal record for a Michael Mulerick in Midleton RC parish just to the north of Cloyne RC parish.

    Name:Michael MulerickDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:15-Feb-1820Address:
    Parish/District:MIDLETONGender:MaleCountyCo. Cork
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:William MulerickMother:Mary BarryOccupation:

    There were apparent siblings Ellen 1821 William 1823 Mary 1826 Catherine 1839 in Midleton according to Roots Ireland. Very long gap between Mary and Catherine. You may want to scan the Midleton parish register

    The RC parish corresponding to Dungourney civil parish would be Imogeela, however, records for that parish start in 1833 so if Margaret was baptized in that parish, records would not be available.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 17th February 2017, 02:05AM
  • Roger ~ Thank you SO much! Did you find this information on a .ie or .uk site? If so, would you kindly provide the url so that I may pursue the research there ... I've truly hit a wall with (US version) and

    I will be traveling to Ireland mid-March and would like to be able to visit townlands where my ancestors lived and worked. I truly appreciate your effort in providing this information.

    Karen O'




    Friday 17th February 2017, 08:10PM
  • Karen:

    The records were on Roots Ireland which is a subscription site. Have a great trip!


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 19th February 2017, 04:01PM
  • Greetings once again.

    Unfortunately, the trip to Ireland had to be postponed so I am still at my computer, trying to rake through all the information I'm finding on the Fitzgibbons and Millericks.

    It would be helpful to me to know the local custom of those times.

    For example, I know that it was usual for a marriage to take place in the bride's church (if different from the groom's) so to look through the marriage record of a diocese where a male was born may not turn up his marriage information.

    With regard to Sponsors of a birth ... the names always appear to be either relatives or a name from the village. Was there any convention, similiar to the naming convention, that was held to at the time?

    Would it have been normal or unusual for births, deaths and marriages of the lower classes (farmers, like my family) to have been published in local newspapers?

    Thanks for any expertise and assistance.

    Karen O'




    Tuesday 9th May 2017, 01:57PM
  • Karen:

    Some answers to your questions based on my experience. Keep in mind that I live in the States not Ireland. Sorry your trip was postponed. My wife and I are going over to Dublin for four days later this month.

    1. Yes, marriages usually in bride's parish and the groom may have been from another parish and even another county if it was a border area.

    2.Right, sponsors were siblings of the parents or friends. You see both conventions.

    3.Children born to farmers or any other lower class would not show up in newspapers, same with marriages.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 10th May 2017, 01:21AM
  • Thank you, Roger. I appreciate your time and expertise. Have a great trip to Dublin!


    Thursday 11th May 2017, 12:58AM
  • Hi,My name is Jim O Callaghan.I live in Ballynona North and am familar with the homestead of both Michael Mellerick and Margaret Fitzgibbon..Margaret Fitzgibbons homestead is the current family home of the O Callaghans and the foundations are all that remain of Michael Mellericks homestead.I will see if I can locate some further information for you.

    Jim Ocallaghan

    Friday 30th March 2018, 11:12PM
  • Jim ~ Oh my goodness! I JUST literally returned from two weeks in Ireland and spent quite a bit of time in Co. Cork!

    Visited Midleton (lovely little town) and had a chat with Vincent Fitzgibbons (now 86), the nephew of Rev. Edwin Fitzgibbons, a Capuchin Monk and the creator of hurling's Fitzgibbons cup. Also visited a family gravesite in Rochestown.

    I now from a 1920s newspaper article here in the U.S. that Father Fitzgibbons visited his brother, Dan, along with cousins The Millericks in Connecticut when came to the U.S. on a tour. Am still searching where the connection lies in the Fitzgibbon family.

    How I WISH I had known of your existence before we left!

    Any information at all that you could find and share would be SO greatly appreciated. A photo of your home site would be grand!

    I understand that Ballynona North no longer exists (as such). What is the the current name of where you live?

    You may reach me by email: komaxfield{at} I substitute the word rather than the symbol to thwart spiderbots from picking up my email address.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!



    Monday 2nd April 2018, 06:56PM

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  • I have been researching Callaghans from Ballynona. I found a Jeremiah Mulrick was godparent for a James Callaghan born in Dec 1838 to a John Callaghan and Honora Keeffe. Maybe he was just a neighbour.

    Also wondering if anybody knows family James Callaghan and Margaret Daly with daughter Ellen born 15 feb 1848.


    Sunday 2nd August 2020, 09:56AM
  • I've been searching for a James Callahan b somewhere about  1839  who married/had children with Mary Doherty.  He died in Donegal in 1873.  The only marriage record I've found for a James Calla[g]han and Mary Doherty is in 1854 in Castlemore and Kilcolman, Roscommon and Sligo and Mayo.  This would seem to be too early for the likeliest Mary Doherty I've found.  

    I have found on civil birth records for the middle 2 of their 4 children: Hannah, b 1870 and Bridget b 1872.  Cannot find Annie, b 1868 (my ggm) or Mary, b 1873/4.

    I have NO info on parents or siblings or anything about James Callahan.  Could he be the one you found b Dec 1838, Cahirb?  Do you know anything about his life?






    Sunday 2nd August 2020, 04:18PM
  • Sorry Meg, my query is based in Ballynona, Co Cork. This is much too far away from Donegal or Roscommon,Sligo or Mayo. People did not travel far in Ireland in those times.


    Sunday 2nd August 2020, 10:48PM
  • I know, Cahirb; just shows how desperate I am, lol!



    Monday 3rd August 2020, 06:14PM
  • Hi Cahirb,

    that would have been Jeremiah Mellerick who would have been the godfather. The Mellericks were living in Ballynona North as well. I'll get Jim O'Callaghan to get in touch with you. He's descended from Maurice O'Callaghan, son of John Callaghan and Honora(Norry) Keeffe. James O'Callaghan married Margaret Daly in Ardagh/Dangan/Killeagh parish on 17 feb 1847, but this James could have been a widower at this stage as a James O'Callaghan from Ballynona North had a number of children with Ellen Fitzgerald, with the last been born in 1846. My email address is




    Friday 7th August 2020, 10:32PM
  • I am Vincent Fitzgibbon's son mentioned in post above. Not sure what additional light I can shed on questions above. I am currently home in Ireland visiting. Myself, and both my brothers, live in the US in Baltimore and Boston respectively.


    Thursday 15th July 2021, 08:41PM
  • Hi,

    you must be one of the brothers Frank, John or Kieran? I would be a distant relative of yours, probably fourth cousin once removed. Your great grandmother was Eliza Desmond was born in Ballynona North circa 1841, marrying John Fitzgibbon in 1861. Eliza was probably daughter of Patrick Desmond - there were 4 Desmond brothers in Ballynona North 200 years ago. I'd be descended from Timothy Desmond. My grandmother used to always tell us we were related to the Fitzgibbons. The Fitzgibbons had their farm at north side of townland, the Desmonds had their farms on the south side of townland. The Desmond farms passed through descendents, Patrick's ended up with Kellihers - (more relations) until sold a few years ago. We still have Timothy and another brother Cornelius' farm. If you want any more information,

    fell free to contact me.






    Saturday 17th July 2021, 04:53PM