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Mary WALSH Foley

My GGGrandmother, Mary Walsh married John Foley 16 Nov 1847 in Doneraile, County Cork, IRE. They were RC.  I believe that they had at least 5 children, maybe more.  I can locate baptism records for their daughter Eliza (bap 15 Dec 1850), and their sons; Patrick (bap 14 June 1853), John Joseph (11 May 1856), Owen Eugene, my GGrandfather, (bap 6 Mar 1859) and Cornelius (bap 5 July 1862). 

I have reason to believe that Mary Walsh Foley passed away sometime after Cornelius was born, between 1862 and 1869.  I believe that John remarried on 24 Oct 1869 to Catherine Sheehan.  Catherine and John Foley are on the 1901 and 1911 census, residing in Carrigeen, Doneraile, Cork.  John Foley's baptism record 3 Apr 1829 lists Carrigeen, Doneraile, Cork, so I believe that this is the same John Foley.  I can also find him living in Carrigeen on the 1 July 1851 Griffiths Valuation with Mary and a James (Carrigeen, Femoy, Mallow & Mitchelstown).

I have not had any success finding Mary Walsh Foley's death information. I'm wondering if anyone could direct me to where I could perhaps find this information.  I have checked the Church records and the Civil records, with no success.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Lisa S


Sunday 26th April 2020, 11:17PM

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  • Hi Lisa


    Greetings from Irelandxo.  I have been going over your notes and cannot find any information for you.  I checked the newspaper archives for the above address and nothing popped up.

    I put in the names and dates you gave me on ancestry and nothing popped up there eitrher.  Had a look at the 1901 Census, the John Foley there was aged 50 years and could not be the original John foley born circa 1820 who married in Nov 1847.        

    Will keep looking for you.

    take care and stay safe - we are living in strange times.



    Thursday 21st May 2020, 04:18PM
  • Dear Phyl,

    Thank you for your message and your efforts to look up Mary Walsh Foley.  I really appreciate it and I apologize for the delay in responding to you.

    She has been quite a mystery for me.  I too did find the 1901 Census for John Foley (50 yrs old), then married to Catherine (I believe maiden name Sheehan).  I agree, his age does not match up, but the 1911 Census indicates that he is age 73 yrs old, quite a jump for just a decade!  And she is listed as 12 years older than 1901, now 48 yrs old vs 36. 

    The only reason that I believe that this is the same John Foley as my GGGrandfather is because of the address on both census' as Carrigeen.  His birth records of 3 April, 1829 also lists Carrigeen.  As does the Griffith's (?) of 1851 (John, Mary and James).  Perhaps that is incorrect thinking and I am following the wrong John Foley.  

    I did find another John Foley, Age 80 in a 1911 Census living with son Patrick age 53 (which would be 5 years younger than my records indicate for Patrick).  Address; House 3 in Bengour East (Murragh, Cork).  Is this even close to Doneraile? 

    Again, I appreciate your help.  If you have any suggestions on where I should look, please let me know.  

    I hope that you are well.  We are slowly phasing back into our new normal, but it is still scary knowing that the virus is still spreading.  I have had 3 family members who contracted it.  All have fully recovered, thank God!

    Stay safe and well,



    Saturday 6th June 2020, 08:14PM

    Hi Lisa,


    Lovely to hear from you.  Bengour East is a good bit from Doneraile - well  over 1 hour's drive - see attached google map.


    Our Ancestors love to play hide and seek!


    Stay safe









    Monday 8th June 2020, 09:31PM

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